The Osmosis 3D
Survival Guide to Anatomy beta

Osmosis was created by medical students for medical students. This year we decided to put together a free 3D guide to help new med students through anatomy (and even the older ones who are coming up on Step 1). If you find it useful, recommend us on Facebook so others can benefit!

For the best viewing experience we strongly suggest Google Chrome on a laptop.

1. Thorax

2. Abdomen

3. Pelvis

4. Lower Limbs

5. Upper Limbs

6. Back

7. Head & Neck

8. Cranial Nerves

Please Note: The Cranial Nerves section is still under construction.


II - Optic Nerve
III - Oculomotor Nerve
IV - Trochlear Nerve
V1 - Trigeminal - Ophthalmic branch
VI - Abducens
To Do

V1 - Trigeminal - Maxillary branch

V1 - Trigeminal - Mandibular branch

VII - Facial

This atlas was created by members of the Osmosis team using mesh data from BodyParts3D, (c) The Database Center for Life Science licensed under CC Attribution-Share Alike 2.1 Japan