Welcome to the Osmosis Blog!

Jun 21, 2013 by Osmosis Team

Welcome to the Osmosis Team's new blog!

We've been working hard on the app, so we haven't been very social as of late, but we're hoping to change that. One of the reasons we've started this blog is to share who we are, what we have planned, and what we have done. For example, many of you have signed up for an invite for our mobile app but may not know that we also have a web application that's already being used at Johns Hopkins! We'll explain more about that in future posts, but first let's introduce the people who will be posting here!

Our two founders are Ryan Haynes and Shiv Gaglani.

Here's a photo of Shiv, our CEO, giving a presentation about the Smartphone Physical at TEDMED. His posts will probably feature a lot of stories and articles about medicine and education, as he's a second year medical student at Johns Hopkins. He always manages to find the most interesting reads. You can follow him on Twitter at @ShivGaglani

And here is Ryan, the CTO, explaining some nuance of JavaScript to our designer. Or coding in general. Or logic. Or databases. Or... Basically if you want to know anything about programming and coding, you ask Ryan. He speaks in binary though, so it takes some translation! He's also a second year medical student at Johns Hopkins and has his PhD in Neuroscience from Cambridge. (Yes, the one in England.) He unfortunately does not have Twitter (yet).

Our core team of five is rounded out by three more awesome people: Allison Dollar, Nick Carson, and Malcolm Balch.

Allison, the Creative Director, is an artist with a BFA who likes front end coding and was in the middle of a physics degree when Ryan and Shiv enticed her up to Philly with little more than the promise of free food and a challenging project. She's a little OCD when it comes to colors and pixels and her code is a wee bit rambling, but she loves learning and wants to turn education on its head!

Nick leads our mobile app UI development. He's a startup junkie (previously founded TextRooms & Spestle), caffeine addict, and all around web developer. Degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Florida. Yep, has a Twitter: @Skrypt

We recruited this dude from Oberlin not too long ago, so Malcolm is the newest member of the team. He's a recently-graduated computer science major and does a lot with our algorithms so we can get you the best questions at the best times and teach you the most stuff. We think "Data Scientist" (Shiv calls him our "Data Ninja") best describes his job.

These five are going to be the main contributors to this blog, though every once in awhile our machine learning guru, Anu, or one of our amazing interns might write something interesting as well. (We've also got to hunt down photos of all of them before we introduce them.)

We look forward to helping everyone in med school, (And possibly beyond!)

<3 The Osmosis Team