Osmosis iOS App Launch Party!

Osmosis Team
Published on Aug 20, 2013. Updated on Invalid date.

Here at Osmosis, we are usually working. We're working to get the iOS app out, followed by the Android app and the web platform. We're also talking to a lot of publishers to get the best possible questions for all med students. We're creating and designing great products and we're pretty much going 24/7. It's a really fun place to work, but sometimes all that work can make you a bit crazy.

Here's Emily attacking me after a crazy work day! I might look like I'm sleeping, but I've got my eyes closed against the shaking of my chair and demands for some fun time. So, after the room had stopped moving back and forth, we decided we needed to throw a party to celebrate the release of the app, and to have a some fun!

We blew up a bunch of balloons and ordered T-Shirts. Notice how some of the balloons are a brighter green? They are more confident balloons. Also, for those of us 21 or older, we stocked up on beer and wine.

Here is the final cake design! See my favorite version that got vetoed here.

We made team T-shirts. The logo is on the front and our tag line is on the back. Pretty soon we'll have more t-shirts available in our web store along with more questions. 

We bought a lot of pizza. Most of it was gone before the party was over. We only had a couple left. 

I ate most of this candy. At least, it feels that way.

The first people gather at the pizza.

We discuss the app, and hand out raffle tickets! We gave away a lot of cool prizes at the party! A smartphone EKG monitor, a urinalysis kit, the iSpO2, and a T-shirt. The party area was packed!

Students from all of the Philly-area medical schools came out: Jefferson, Penn, Drexel, PCOM, and Temple. The launch party was an amazing success! Thank you to everyone who came and made it a great time! Even with all the pizza, it wouldn't have been anything without you! We hope everyone had a great time and is excited about not studying, and instead Osmosing!