The Osmosis App Map

Osmosis Team
Published on Aug 20, 2013. Updated on Invalid date.

What I love about the app is just how simple it is. See the image? Have you clicked on it to see everything? That's it! That's the app. And not only is the app fairly simple, it's very powerful. On the top in the Settings, Scoreboard, and Topics pages, you can choose exactly what and how you want to study, and quickly create your quiz to scroll through all the questions on the bottom question pages.

On the topics page you can choose exactly what topics you want to study. Soon we'll be adding more packs and different publishers' content for each of the topics. We've got our clinical advisory board going over those questions now, so those should be out soon!

After you select the topics you want to study, you just swipe over to the scoreboard to further refine your results. Do you want to study everything? Awesome! Just click the "Create Quiz" button from the topics page and start studying all the questions. But if you want to filter your questions, you can choose to study only new questions or questions you skipped. Or questions you got incorrect. Or everything except the questions you got correct. Do you want to brush up on questions you haven't seen in awhile? Then you can select questions you haven't seen in a month. Or if you want only the questions you went over yesterday, you can study just those!

All you have to do is tap and drag on the scoreboard to highlight what you want to study, and then tap "Create Quiz"!

The quizzes are awesome because not only does the app keep track of your accuracy, you also have to judge your confidence before the answer is submitted. After you answer and rate your confidence, most of the questions have explanations. Then, you can rate the questions by sliding or double tapping the colorful ratings buttons that appear on the right, or swiping to go to the next question without rating. Rating is good though, because we can send you more of the types of questions you like or you can let us know if there is a problem with a certain question.

You can even swipe and pull down the scoreboard at any time you want to see your progress, though we also have a small indicator bar at the bottom to give you an idea of how you're doing.

And here we come to why Osmosis is very powerful. On the back end of the app, we have some really novel algorithms in place that can actually learn how you learn and push you questions you need to study. This is machine learning at its finest, if I do say so myself. It's completely personalized to each individual answering these questions. Our data scientist is going to talk more about that later so I'm not going to spoil much more, but it's really awesome.


We've done a lot of testing, and there is a lot more coming! Not only are we always going to be pushing out more content, we're developing more algorithms and more useful tools. Now that we've got the mobile app out, we're also working on getting the web app in place for more students at more schools. And if you think the app is cool, wait until you see the website! That's where some amazing things are happening.

If you have any comments or suggestions, you can email us at [email protected] or you can email me directly at [email protected] for any design questions or comments.