Introducing the Osmosis Preclinical Foundations Pack!

Osmosis Team
Published on Oct 1, 2013. Updated on Invalid date.

After months of work, we're excited to finally release our Preclinical Foundations Pack! Our aim for this Pack is to provide you with a foundational bank of basic science questions that you can use to test yourself early and often. Osmosis began as a crowd-sourcing tool for questions because we realized that existing question banks were unreasonably priced ($100/month?!) and that our professors had little time to create questions de novo. That's why the Preclinical Foundations Pack has no monthly fees. It's also why we turned professors into reviewers (we have about 30 on our Clinical Advisory Board) and implemented some fairly sophisticated crowd-sourcing tools, even if we say so ourselves. If you have used our app you have likely noticed the swipe-to-rate buttons that allow us to monitor question quality and automatically unpublish questions that don't meet our standards. Our web interface also allows you to comment on questions, which is helpful for catching issues and providing suggestions such as mnemonics. 

So where did the Preclinical Foundations Pack come from exactly? It was created over the last two years primarily at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine where the Osmosis Team and a group of faculty and students wrote and edited close to 5,000 questions (multiple choice, true-false, multiple checkbox, label matching, fill-in-factoid, and flashcards) covering all of the preclinical categories. Our team and the Advisory Board heavily edited the text and content (e.g. turning many factoids into clinical cases) and then added helpful images, videos, and mnemonics to make the questions even more useful. Questions were cross-checked with First Aid, UpToDate, and other sources to make sure they were relevant to the USMLE and actual clinical practice. 

On a side note, this is also the process by which we created 70 percent of the Starter Pack questions. Another 15 percent were from one of our publishing partners, the American College of Physicians, and the remaining 15 percent were from one of the best microbiology professors in the nation, Johns Hopkins physician Dr. Khalil Ghanem. 

Since so many of you sped through the 200 Starter Pack questions, you'll be happy to know that we have five times that number of questions (multiple choice and true/false) in the Preclinical Foundations Pack.

Here is what you get with the Pack:

  • 1,050 Questions, including:

55 Anatomy 20 Biochemistry 20 Cardiology 20 Cell Physiology 50 Dermatology 60 Endocrine 55 GI 20 Genetics 50 Hematology & Oncology 40 Immunology 20 Metabolism 365 Microbiology (one for every day of the year!) 25 Musculoskeletal 80 Neurology 25 Psychiatry 60 Pulmonology 25 Renal 60 Reproduction * (Pharmacology and Pathology questions included in the above set)

  • 581 Detailed Images
  • 405 Explanatory YouTube Videos including animations, hand-drawn tutorials, patient stories, and documentaries
  • 100s of Clinical Cases
  • 100s of High Yield Factoids
  • More Frequent Push Notifications (if you want!)
  • Ability to Osmose Anytime, Anywhere
  • Access Forever (no monthly subscriptions!)
  • To be a part of the Med Ed Revolution!

So what are you waiting for? Get your Preclinical Foundations Pack today and begin Osmosing!

P.S. You can get access to Preclinical Foundations Pack here: