Osmosis Ambassador Spotlight: Parth Shah, UAMS, MS2

Osmosis Team
Oct 20, 2013

Osmosis focuses on students and improving how we learn, relying on feedback for our app and web platform. We would not be able to offer our product without the help and input of medical students. We have composed a group of volunteers to join our Osmosis Ambassador program to test and share Osmosis to fellow students who can benefit. We want you to get to know the people behind Osmosis, so let us introduce Parth Shah, Osmosis Ambassador. 

When did you decide you wanted to be a doctor?

Well, really I always wanted to go into medicine after one of my older cousins was in medical school when I was a child. I just began the process of preparing applications to the Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences, and the Arts (ASMSA) in 9th grade and had finalized that it was definitely the career I wanted to go into.

What has been the most enjoyable part of medical school?

Studying all the time may not be what most consider enjoyable, but being able to use the information and skills I have gained on patients has made it all worth while.   

Do you have an interest in a particular field of medicine?

Neurosurgery. My cousin is a neurosurgeon, and I was exposed to the field early on. The brain and neurosurgery in general, to me, are the final frontier of medicine, the body specifically was designed to keep us out of the nervous system, yet we still venture into it. There is so much that is not understood. The challenge for our generation will be unravel what has been a mystery to medicine for so long. 

How did you find out about Osmosis?

I was contacted through a Facebook message by one of the Osmosis Team members, Emily Rappoport.

What do you like most about learning by Osmosis?

I feel as though it is the solution to learning on-the-go. You no longer necessarily have to sit down for hours and go through question banks. With the daily push-notifications, manageable question stems, and clear explanations for incorrect and correct answer choices, often with a secondary resources (i.e. an image or youtube video), it seems like a no-brainer to use this as a resource throughout the pre-clinical years.

Why did you decide to become an Osmosis Ambassador?

As a big advocate to bringing technology to education, especially medical education, this was right up my alley. The reason why I chose to be a Osmosis Ambassador was to promote the adoption and usage of the service to provide more tools to my student body.I firmly believe that Osmosis is the way to learning in the future. To lower the barriers and provide ease of access to students to questions, that are rooted in fundamental basics, takes classroom learning a long way. To deliver education that "best fits" an individual rather a "one fits all" model is at the heart of Osmosis. I have been advocating for the use of Osmosis at my school since I got wind of the service during the end of M1 year.

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