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AliveCor's Founder Dr. David Albert

Osmosis Team
Published on Apr 3, 2014. Updated on Invalid date.

Dr. David Albert is a doctor, inventor, and serial entrepreneur whose newest company, AliveCor, makes an EKG monitoring case. (Which you can read about here.) We caught up with Dr. Albert to learn about his experience in medical school.

Why did you decide to become a doctor? Cardiologist?

I watched the TV show Ben Casey as a child and loved it. Later, my dad had an MI when I was in medical school and that convinced me the heart was my future.

What was the most memorable part of medical school? 
The first time I watched someone die had a profound impact on me. Obviously, my clinical rotations were great but my research experience steered me to the intersection of medicine and technology.

How did you study while a med student? Any idiosyncrasies?
I had terrible study habits during my basic science curriculum. I always waited until right before exams. It led to some stressful situations. I improved dramatically when I prepared for Part 1 of the National Boards (Step1 today).

I know your son Michael is a medical student. Do you have any advice for him and other medical students?
He is a far more serious student than I was during my basic science. I have told him many times to keep up and not get left behind or else it will be BAD!

How do you see AliveCor being used by medical students and other young professionals?
Actually seeing an AFib rhythm in real time, or an SVT or a 1st degree heart block will burn that knowledge into your brain. Students will be able to pimp interns and residents until the secret gets out. We have a number of hospistalists who have reported documenting the rhythm long before anyone codes it.