Introducing the Osmosis Summer 2014 Interns

Osmosis Team
Published on Jun 7, 2014. Updated on Invalid date.

Ever since we moved to Philadelphia Osmosis has benefited from the work of a team of talented and motivated interns who come from the local universities. This summer we are pleased to introduce our newest teammates who will be working with us to help you learn by Osmosis!

Samantha Freedman

Hey everyone! My name is Samantha, and I'm a rising senior at the University of Pennsylvania. I'm majoring in the Biological Basis of Behavior and minoring in Urban Education. Many of my undergraduate experiences have been tied to improving the quality of health and education at the community level, and I *hope* to become a physician in the public service sector. I am excited to intern at Osmosis because I believe that we can improve the efficiency of our healthcare system if we transform medical education. I think problem-based learning is the key to success, and I am excited to see Osmosis expand to include students of all ages and disciplines. As I don't see my higher education ending any time soon, I hope to use Osmosis to eliminate my own late-night cram sessions too! In my "free" time, I enjoy dancing, listening to music, spending time with friends, and/or a good bowl of ice cream.

Michael Gu

Hi, I'm Michael, and currently a rising sophomore at Penn thinking of majoring in economics. I hail from a small town in suburban Philadelphia called West Chester. I'm interested in marketing, branding, consumer psychology, and many other aspects of business. At Penn, I'm involved in Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity, an a cappella group, and interning at the UPenn Student Federal Credit Union. I decided to work with Osmosis because 1) I think that a startup is a great opportunity to get your feet wet in the inner workings and structure of running a business, and 2) I am able to work hard here and hopefully see relevant and tangible results of my hard work in the growth and success of the company. I definitely can get experience and knowledge at Osmosis that I wouldn't be able to at a huge company typing numbers into excel and delivering coffee. Lastly, I was involved in scientific research and hospital volunteering back in the day, and love combining my love for science/healthcare with my entrepreneurial side. When not working at Osmosis and/or stealing their wheat thins, I can be found playing music, running, skiing, or exploring the city. My other hobbies include long walks on the beach, saving kittens from burning buildings, and helping the elderly cross the street.

Jason Theobald

Hello world! During my pre-clinical coursework at NYU School of Medicine, I loved studying with digital flashcards, but in order to get content that was useful and relevant to my needs, I had to create it from scratch. After talking with an NYU mentor, a self-taught coder and education innovator who pointed me in the right direction, I took a stab at creating a crowd-curated learning platform, which I dubbed “QBins,” that allowed students to share content seamlessly. It was my first foray into computer programming and a good learning experience, but ultimately I felt the need to join a movement that is already underway, rather than start my own. The Osmosis platform was something I could put my weight behind. I’m super excited to join Osmosis for a few weeks this summer doing front-end web development and data analysis. Not only am I big fan of what they are doing for medical education, spending time with the team will improve my ability to approach problems creatively and execute effectively.

Elizabeth Flick

Hi, I am Elizabeth! I am from the suburbs of Philadelphia and I will be a freshman at Penn this fall. I plan on studying biology next year and hope to be pre-med. I am very excited to move to the city in a few weeks to start school. Science, medicine specifically, has always interested me and Osmosis has given me the opportunity to explore these fields. I hope to be able to combine my interest in science with my motivation to learn about new things to help Osmosis this summer. I have already been able to learn about education, startups, and the medical field and I am excited to see what else is in store. I hope that one day I too will be able to benefit from Osmosis. I spend my free time outside at the barn, binge watching Netflix, and hanging out with friends.