Osmosis Feels the Love Tonight

Osmosis Team
Published on Jun 12, 2014. Updated on Invalid date.

When we first started Osmosis, we never imagined that our platform would be so widely used. We are honored by the positive feedback that we have received these past few months. Read more to see what our users are saying about us!

'I have used Osmosis for the past six months and have found it to be quite useful as an "endgame" of sorts in my studies for medical school. The high level, clinical-based questions ensure that I know the ins and outs of my basic science courses and can jump between various levels of abstraction to get to the correct answer. This resource has been invaluable to me thus far, and I hope it continues to be.'

 -- M2, University of Kentucky College of Medicine

'Enhancing the methods in which Medical Education is distributed is something that I feel is very important. In my short three years of medical school I have seen a drastic shift from the many students that attended Powerpoint lectures in the initial months to the much fewer amount who attended lectures as time has progressed. While PowerPoints and in-person lectures have a beneficial effect on a select few, I sought out additional resources to solidify those concepts. Often times I found UpToDate summaries, primary literature, textbooks, YouTube videos, and class summaries to be overwhelming, causing me to be unsure of which precise resource was the best. Through Osmosis, I feel as though Medical Education can be improved by individually tailoring the video monitoring as suggested in the Annals of Internal Medicine publication as well as providing a single place for high yield questions for students.' 

-- M3, Penn State University College of Medicine

'Technology and open-source projects have revolutionized many aspects of modern life, but medical education has for the most part failed to take advantage of these advancements. Osmosis is attempting to change that, by using an open-source system that will be accessible to all......I learned of Osmosis in a student newsletter, and immediately downloaded the app. When I originally did this, I was suspicious of its effectiveness. However, after using it, I now believe it is one of the best tools to help learn and review content throughout the year. I love how easy and accessible it is, as it allows me to make better use of my time as I commute to and from school and around NYC.' 

-- Touro College Of Osteopathic Medicine - Harlem

'The Osmosis style is so refreshing, with its clean, smooth and user-friendly apps, providing a nice contrast to the clunky operation of the other study materials out there (NBME, USMLEWorld). The cost cannot be beaten, and the ability to sync with your tests throughout the year was something I appreciate more completely in hindsight, and didn't take enough advantage of at the time.' 

-- M3, University of MN - Twin Cities

'I've been using various medical/education apps throughout college and Osmosis has definitely been the most beneficial.' 

-- M4, National University of Ireland, Galway

'What Osmosis is doing for Open Medical Education is amazing. I have gained a lot from using the existing resources at Osmosis.' 

-- M3, University of Pennsylvania

'After using Osmosis for a little over 6 months prior to matriculating this August, I believe that this new initiative will enable me the ability to contribute to the large pool of medical students, medical professionals, and other healthcare professionals, looking to improve their knowledge base and ameliorate the standards of patient care. Though this new initiative is geared towards improving the performance on clinical exams like the USMLE, I believe that this new initiative will be crucial in the movement to seeing the patient as more than a 'clinical vignette'.' 

-- M1, Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

'As a Osmosis user since entering medical school, I have been completely won over by their product. Their platform works great on mobile, and seamlessly updates across services. The inclusion of pictures and videos really makes a large difference in allowing me to comprehend and remember facts more fluidly and rapidly.' 

-- M1, NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine

'Like many other students, I have always been on the hunt for a comprehensive, well-organized, and continuously maintained system for independent study. While I was introduced to Osmosis after I had already taken my Step 1 exam, I could easily appreciate its educational philosophy. The ability to access Osmosis on-the-go, across a variety of devices is a simple, but entirely necessary, feature for this generation of medical scholars. Additionally, I admire the simple brilliance in asking learners to rate each question, which helps to organically cull poor questions and reveal qualities of successful and helpful questions. Taken as a whole, I feel that the Osmosis system of studying represents the current direction of medical education.' 

-- M4, University of Virginia School of Medicine

'I have been using Osmosis questions to prepare for every test in medical school since I began using it. I have seen how useful it is to be able to review questions in a particular subject area, rate my level of confidence in various areas as a way of highlighting my own weak points, and feel the accomplishment of working through all of a section's questions successfully. I believe that this will continue to be an important tool for me as I progress through medical school.

-- M1, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

'Ultimately, I see Osmosis and other technologies like it as integral learning modalities in the future of medical education.' 

-- M2, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

'I find that it beats flash cards or reading from a book in terms of efficiency and efficacy.' 

-- M1, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

'I started using the Osmosis app towards the end of my second year (I am currently preparing for Step 1) and I truly regret not having used it earlier. I love the push notifications that come with the app, as well as the videos and helpful hints that the app provides after each question- i
t makes studying not seem like studying. It has been an very great tool. I have have also been using several of the other student based study programs (ex- first aid) to prepare for my boards. Throughout my studying process, I have come to realize how invaluable other students' advice is regarding what is high yield, different mnemonics, and classic disease presentations. These student based programs have definitely shaped the way that I have studied for my boards.' 

-- M2, University of Toledo College of Medicine

'I truly believe the application kept me abreast of the basic science foundation necessary to build upon for a thorough medical education.' 

-- M3, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

'Being a current Osmosis user, I have learned a lot by working on the questions, and really believe in this process of learning. I have always found the YouTube videos and the mnemonics to be very helpful.' 

-- M1, Penn State College of Medicine

'I've been excited about Osmosis ever since I first heard of it. Medical students need a strong digital resource for studying for exams that incorporates information, practice questions, and learning strategies in a practical way. You guys seem to have a great plan for the project.

-- M3, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

'I'm a first-year medical student, and, just this year alone, I've found that the Osmosis platform and the questions it offers in each pre-clinical subject to be all incredibly helpful. Practice questions are critical to prepare for the detail-heavy exams students take during medical school at any stage (block exams, boards, shelf exams), and, through Osmosis's unique question tracking system, I was also able to return to high-yield questions that I had particular trouble with and not waste my time on the information I knew already. I also knew that I could trust the content on Osmosis because these were questions written or imported by fellow students or professors.' 

-- M1, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

'Although I have yet to get my Step 1 scores, I must say that my new method of studying propelled my scores on practice material/USWA/NBME. I know it doesn't mean much, but it meant something to me while preparing. Furthermore, my grades in M2 year were a complete flip from M1 year, and I owe it to changing my ways.' 

-- M3, Chicago Medical School

'I tried the Osmosis app and was duly impressed by it. I am currently in the throes of studying for my Step 2 exams and I found that I would repeatedly return to the app as a break from my primary studying because I found it to be worthwhile and challenging via a novel approach.' 

-- M4, St. George's University School of Medicine

'I think Osmosis has the potential to be one of the most useful board study preparation products on the market.' 

-- M3, UC San Diego School of Medicine

'I first heard about Osmosis Medical training program when I was studying for my step one exam about a year ago and once I tried it based on a friends recommendation. I was instantly hooked and intrigued by the programs ability to motivate me and provide feedback not only in the form of answers and explanations but also the ability to correlate confidence levels with problem-solving abilities and the presentation of this data to the user. This program is innovative and groundbreaking and I can definitely see this program growing and succeeding and can easily be the next golden standard of education as it is individualized to each students abilities. Furthermore I have yet to encounter any review program with questions that so closely resemble shelf and USMLE examination questions. Without this program I would not have succeeded the way I did on my step one examination.' 

-- M4, Meharry Medical College

'I've been following what your team at Osmosis has been doing for the past year and I'm definitely blown away by what your team has been able to do in terms of pushing medical education to a different level.' 

-- M3, Western University College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific

'I have used Osmosis while preparing for USMLE Step 1 and found it to be of great benefit, as I found that my Step score (247) was significantly higher than my goal of 240. I liked how easily accessible the format of Osmosis was while still providing a good deal of quality. As someone who is conducive to case-based learning, I feel that the questions seemed to "stick" well for me.' 

-- M3, University of Florida College of Medicine

'I really enjoy using the Osmosis app because it is quick, efficient, has the occasionally humorous clinical vignette, and deals with relevant information that I have learned or will be learning soon.' 

-- M2, Tulane University School of Medicine

'Osmosis is doing a great job at aiding students with thoroughly understanding and retaining the vast material taught in medical school.' 

-- M2, Jefferson Medical School