2014 Year in Review and Sneak Peek at 2015

Osmosis Team
Published on Jan 1, 2015. Updated on Invalid date.

As we predicted at the beginning of the year, 2014 was an amazing time for Osmosis and our users. Here we'll summarize some of the key highlights and let you in on some of the things we have in store for 2015! Happy New Year!


Ryan, Shiv, and the Osmosis Team

Highlights of 2014

Osmosis grows with its users.

Osmosis was first conceptualized in 2012 by two first year medical students at Johns Hopkins in response to their and their classmates needs for a better learning and collaboration platform. We reached just over 200 users at the end of that year, and now two years later have nearly 100x that! Osmosis users come from more than 100 countries and 500 institutions, and also span premed to practicing physicians as well as related fields such as nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, and physician assistant schools.

As our users have grown, the Osmosis team has as well. We've now had more than 30 people work on Osmosis ranging from summer interns to full-time employees. Our team is also diverse in geography, having set up shop in Philadelphia, Charlottesville, Boston, Baltimore, and Palo Alto.

New App, Features, and Content

We made over a thousand of our users very happy when we released the Android app earlier this year. Shortly thereafter we released intelligent push notifications, which allowed users to sync their Osmosis questions with their exam dates, and Osmose with your Friends, the multiplayer question-and-answer review game in our app. It's largely due to these innovative features that we've delivered close to 3 million questions! Speaking of questions, we were excited to release a few more awesome question packs, including Osmosing with the Stars pack and our MKSAP for Students from our friends at the American College of Physicians.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

With the generous support of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, we launched an open medical educational research project and built a team of over 150 medical students, residents, and faculty to write and review high-quality questions, among other resources. This is the largest ever crowd-sourced medical question bank of its kind and we're excited to release it in the coming months! We're very proud of our top-notch contributors, including our all-star team of Scholars whom you can read about here.

Publications & Presentations

Just as it's important that our users practice evidence-based medicine, Osmosis is committed to practicing evidence-based education. Every design decision on Osmosis - ranging from our celebrity pack filled with memory anchors to our to our novel push-based spaced repetition system - is grounded in educational research. This year we contributed by publishing a number of articles, including two in peer-reviewed journals: the Annals of Internal Medicine and Innovations in Global Medical & Health Education. We also were invited to present at a number of conferences including the AAMCTransformingEDUPenn-GSE Education Competition (which we had the fortune of winning), American College of Physicians, and American Medical Informatics Association.

Publish with Osmosis

Speaking of publishing, we empowered many of our readers and users to get published by working with us. For example, we worked with a third year NYU medical student to analyze data on our confidence/accuracy results and got the paper accepted into a top five medical journal. Publish with Osmosis has featured many articles of interest to medical students around the world.

Leaders in Medical and Nursing Education

2014 also saw the release of our Leaders in Medical Education (LIME) and Leaders in Nursing Education (LINE) series. Through these interviews we not only have the opportunity to feature inspiring movers-and-shakers in the health education realm, but also to get ideas of how we can continue improving Osmosis to meet the needs of future clinicians, and their patients. We've been honored to speak to many luminaries including presidents, deans, editors, and journalists, among many others.

Sneak Peek of 2015

Osmosis Prime

In January we'll be launching the most advanced learning & review platform designed for medical education, Osmosis Prime. We've alluded to some of its features throughout 2014, including in our Annals of Internal Medicine paper, and are proud to be able to release them in early 2015. Our promise to our users is that Osmosis Prime will be the most efficient and enjoyable to learn and review high-yield information. Stay tuned!

School Pilots

Given that Osmosis is the only system that combines curriculum delivery with board prep, a number of medical schools have approached us to pilot the platform. We're happy to announce no less than five pilots at medical schools, including one that has already officially adopted the platform, which will bring Osmosis to thousands of more students.

Additional Publications & Presentations

Another peer-reviewed paper on Osmosis will be published by a top-five medical journal in early 2015. This one is related to the novel confidence/accuracy system that we've built. We're working towards a few more studies to further validate the Osmosis learning platform's efficacy. We also have a number of presentations scheduled, including our first international conference. Osmosis was selected as one of the top 20 innovations to be featured at the World Innovation Summit on Health so we'll be headed to Doha, Qatar to present in February. We always enjoy conferences like these because we inevitably meet users and collaborators!

That's it for the sneak peek. Many more announcements to come in the next few months, so get excited! Happy new year, and see you in 2015!