Nine hundred ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred ninety-nine...

Osmosis Team
Published on Sep 25, 2015. Updated on Invalid date.

Today’s an exciting day for us – together we’ve just hit the 1 millionth learning node on Osmosis!

What’s a learning node? It’s something specifically designed to help you to learn: a picture of a child with roseola, a flashcard about Renin, an x-ray of a Type 1 Salter-Harris fracture, etc. If you add up a million of these, that’s a whole lot of learning!

So just how big is 1 million nodes, exactly? Here’s how big:

  • If you printed out each learning node on a sheet of paper, then the stack would rise to 352 feet (50 feet higher than the Statue of Liberty)! Think of all of those trees that you helped save! =)

  • If each learning node took 1 minute to understand - it would take you 2 years to get through all of them (assuming you don’t eat, sleep, or need the bathroom!). It’s a good thing that there’s a recommendation engine that finds the stuff you need when you need it.

So how fast are you Osmosing all of this good stuff? The rate might surprise you: Over the past month, we’ve seen approximately 200,000 problems answered, and that’s more than the previous month, which was more than the month before that. More students, at more schools, are Osmosing faster than ever before!

So… how quickly can we get to 2 million learning nodes?

Let’s do this...