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June Product Update

Osmosis Team
Published on Jun 27, 2019. Updated on Sep 24, 2020.

The Osmosis Product team has been designing, researching, and developing to improve your quizzing Osmosis experience, and we’re excited to share these product updates with you!

Search Update

Find more results than ever before with a more dynamic search.

Other custom features:
  • More forgiveness with spelling errors
  • Find terms mentioned in videos
  • See recent and popular searches

Clinical Reasoning

Added to the library menu, clinical reasoning is now easier to find and navigate.

The playlist of videos on the right side of the screen have been added for your viewing pleasure.
  • Go ahead, watch all the clinical reasoning videos back to back. 

Image Occlusion Update

This is an opt-in BETA feature. To activate, visit this link and you will have access to this feature on your account.  

Make visual occlusions on your flashcards to help you memorize key facts from images.

Other custom features:
  • Make 1 or multiple cards with several occlusions
  • Visual update to flashcard decks and editing interface
  • Full screen mode in the quiz interface


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