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September Product Update: Custom Playlists are Here!

Osmosis Team
Sep 9, 2019

Custom playlists are now available, a highly-requested feature on Osmosis Prime.

Custom Playlists are HERE! You can now create your own playlists in Osmosis! 

Custom playlists are one of the most asked-for Osmosis features, so we are incredibly excited to share this update with you! Now you can schedule your video-based studying for the week ahead, save your favorites in a playlist for easy reference, or even match your curriculum by creating a playlist to your exact needs. Share it with your classmates too! 

  • Quickly add any videos from the Osmosis library to your playlist, whether that’s My Favorites or This Week in Class. You get to decide on the name. 

  • Don’t have time to watch the whole video? Default to the Watch Later playlist to quickly navigate back to it. 

  • Easily drag and drop or remove and delete videos to reorganize your playlist.

  • Check out your watch progress and the total time of playlists for better organization. 

  • Workspaces and playlists are best friends. You can quickly add videos from the analyze text feature in workspaces tool to a playlist.

Start making those playlists! You can find more info here