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Osmosis Top 5 Videos: Dr. Rishi Desai

Osmosis Team
Published on Oct 6, 2019. Updated on Invalid date.

The Osmosis Product team has been hard at work making Playlists an even better experience for Osmosis learners. By popular demand, you can now subscribe to Playlists on the platform: just click the Follow button on a playlist and it will be added to the My Playlists menu on the left.

Osmosis’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Rishi Desai, recently created a top 5 playlist of his own to help inspire you. Check out the playlist then read on to see what's so special about each of these Osmosis videos.

Rishi’s Top 5

1: The Hedgehog Signaling Pathway

One of the most amazing things about human life is how we grow from a single cell into a multicellular human being. The elegant solution that evolution has created is summarized in this video. Check out @4:44 to see what I mean—it shows you how each cell gets a sort of “address” that lets it know exactly where it’s located in the community. Pretty amazing!

2. Inheritance Patterns 

This is an extremely visual topic that lots of different types of people often have to see to understand. I have yet to meet someone that has learned this concept by simply reading text with no pictures, so this video is awesome because of the reach it can have: helping families with genetic conditions and the healthcare workers who are taking care of them.

3. ECG Cardiac Infarction & Ischemia 

My favorite thing about this entire series is how it combines the ECG findings with the physiology and pathophysiology. I chose this one in the series because the main reason that folks get an ECG clinically is to evaluate for evidence of a heart attack. This video spans from physiology to pathophysiology to the bedside in a really elegant way.

4. Endocarditis 

This one is a classic because it ties together a bit of physics with disease. Specifically, why we see the leaflets get damaged the way they do is related to the Venturi effect. Moreover, it’s a classic disease that is often on the differential of a fever without a clear source, so it’s important to understand it through and through.

5. Kidney Countercurrent Multiplication 

This is a really tough concept—the kidney is complex, and this specific concept is at the core of how it works. There’s also a real elegance to how the kidneys work and that comes to life in this video. This is one of those concepts that is hard to capture without a video format because it’s so dynamic!

And that’s Rishi’s top 5 Osmosis videos! Do you have an #OsmosisTop5 of your own? Start building your playlists.

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