Movember: Everything You Need to Know

Osmosis Team
Published on Nov 1, 2019. Updated on Invalid date.

 “No Shave November”, also known as “Movember”, is celebrated every November with a surge in growth of moustaches and other stylin’ beards. Why? To raise awareness about men’s health issues, from prostate cancer, to testicular cancer, to the suicide rate among men. 

The idea underlying Movember is that, while moustaches might look silly, growing one is a privilege. 1 in 9 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime—it’s the second most common cancer for men in the US. Testicular cancer is the leading cancer among young men. Many cancer patients lose their hair during treatment, so growing out your facial hair is a simple but effective way to spread awareness and start a conversation.

Whether or not you end up with a perfectly groomed and crafted moustache at the end of the month (or if you appreciate them adorning the faces of the people you love) Movember/No Shave November is a growing awareness campaign, with close to a billion dollars raised since the movement began in 2003.

How you can get involved

Can you grow a mo, bro? Great! Make sure your facial hair is clean shaven on November 1. After that, it’s simple. Embrace your inner Elsa, and let it grow. Dubious Disney references aside, this is a chance to let your facial hair run free! 

Need to keep up professional appearances? Don’t sweat it: there are a few different schools of thought on how you choose to present your hair to the world. You can focus on completely on growing a fully-twirlable ‘stache, go for a “groomed but growing” look, or venture fully “into the wild” with a completely untamed beard. Whatever road you choose to walk, make sure you’re putting those whiskers to work: start a conversation about men’s health this month. 

Unable (or unwilling) to grow that sweet ‘stache? As two cool ‘n’ hairy critters from the African Savannah would say: “Hakuna matata!” You can also participate in Move for Movember

Get physical with awareness-raising exercise in November and do your part to raise awareness for men’s health while improving your own. Whether you’re running, kayaking, or riding a unicycle to class every day, you need to accumulate 60 miles of distance traveled. This number is a sobering reminder of the 60 men lost to suicide every hour each day

To get started, talk to your friends, family, coworkers, or classmates and get them to join you. Follow along with the Osmosis community every Movember Monday to see updates from Osmosis team members. Now, set forth: grow out your hair and get moving for men’s health this Movember! 

To learn about prostate cancer and the associated risk factors and treatments, you can watch an Osmosis video on the topic here or find High-Yield Notes on testicular cancer here.