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Check Out the New and Improved Learn Pages on Osmosis

Osmosis Team
Published on Jan 23, 2020. Updated on Sep 15, 2020.

It’s time for the first Osmosis Product update of the decade! Today we’re going to share with you how the Osmosis Product Team has been working to improve Osmosis Learn Pages and enhance your video experience.

If you're wondering, "What's an Osmosis Learn Page?", it's the page you navigate to when you want to watch a video or read one of our High-Yield Notes on a specific concept. As an example, here's the Learn Page for Subdural hematoma.

The changes we've made to Learn Pages are all designed to make learning by Osmosis easier than ever, whether you’re watching High-Yield videos in preparation for USMLE® Step 1 or Clinical Reasoning videos to prepare for clerkships. 

So, what’s new?

Bigger, better Osmosis videos

If you’ve logged into Osmosis recently and watched a video, you may have noticed something different: our video display is now 25% larger. Never miss a detail!

We’ve also added Theater Mode to the video player. Click it to expand videos to fit the width of your screen.

Build Playlists more quickly

Osmosis learners can’t get enough of Playlists, but some of you have told us that building them can take time, particularly with so many awesome videos to choose from. Well, we hear you!

You can now bulk-add videos to your Playlists, allowing you to build them in seconds. Learn more about the possibilities of Playlists in this blog post!

Annotate videos

We recently added the ability to take notes with time stamps attached to the video using the Notes tool. Now you can keep track of the highest-yield information in videos more easily.

Read along with a transcript

With this new update, video transcripts are easier to find: they now appear above the fold, so you don’t have to scroll to access them.

Scan the transcript to get an idea of what the video’s about, reinforce what you’re learning by reading along with a transcript, or use it to review the concepts when you’ve finished watching. 

Thanks for reading this Osmosis Product Update. We'll be back with more news about the Osmosis platform next month. In the meantime, don't forget to sign in and try out these updates for yourself!