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Explore the Newly Designed Osmosis Video Library

Osmosis Team
Published on Feb 20, 2020. Updated on Sep 15, 2020.

Welcome to the second monthly update from the Osmosis Product team! This month, we have some big updates to share with you about the new and improved video experience on Osmosis.

A brand new, video-focused layout

The Osmosis Library now features a more visual layout to showcase your favorite videos in their best light. More information about individual videos is visible at a glance: you can now see your progress through each system, and the total time it’ll take to watch all the videos within that system. It’s also easier to find videos after you’ve marked a concept as “done”.

We’ve also updated Osmosis video thumbnails to better highlight the incredible illustrations you know and love. 

Better time management tools 

A big advantage of learning by Osmosis is how it helps you with time management. We’ve made some significant changes to help you better measure your progress through the Osmosis Library. Plan your study sessions down to the minute with these new features.

Track your progress with different features

The Osmosis Library: Systems & Subjects

Get a high-level sense of your progress through each system with a brand new Progress Dial circling the icon for that system (1). You can also now track your progress through different subjects in the Library by checking the Percentage beside the subject name (2).

The Osmosis Library: Topics & Videos

Each topic in the Osmosis Library now lists a Total time. In this example, you can see that getting to grips with Cardiovascular Anatomy & Physiology will take you 47:52 when you learn by Osmosis—much faster than a typical lecture!

Individual videos also have Total time displayed in the bottom-right of the thumbnail. You can also see how much of an individual video you’ve watched already by checking the colored progress bar below the thumbnail. 

Flashcards & Practice Questions

With this small but crucial change, you can now see how many flashcards and questions you have answered when you mouse over the icons for those features. 

Build Playlists more quickly

Last month we added a feature that allows you to bulk-add videos to Custom Playlists to create them more quickly. This month we’ve taken that a step further: now, you can now bulk-add entire topic fields to a Playlist in a couple of clicks.

Find the content you need with Quick Filters

The last update we have to share this month is the new Quick Filters feature. Use Quick Filters to toggle between different pieces of content on a Learn Page. This feature helps you easily identify what Notes, Videos, Picmonics, and SketchyMedical mnemonics are available for a given topic.

What Osmosis learners are saying about the Library redesign

“I really like how each section displays the total times—I noticed it right away. Great for time management and studying!” - Brenda Svoboda, NP, Walden University 

That's all for this month's Osmosis Product Update! We'll be back March 19, 2020 with an update on what's new on the most powerful platform for learning medicine and the health sciences. Until then, happy studying!

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