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It’s Match Madness at Osmosis

Osmosis Team
Published on Mar 3, 2020. Updated on Sep 15, 2020.

On March 20, 2020, thousands of senior medical students in the US and international medical graduates (IMGs) from around the world will participate in the NRMP® Match. This yearly event determines who will enter the residency portion of their clinical education, and who will have to try again next year.

Are you a first or second-year medical student? Thinking about the Match already? That's great. You’re already on the right track. Are you an IMG thinking about practicing medicine in the US? Wonderful—we’ve got you covered, too!

To celebrate the Match and ensure you can maximize your opportunities for success in the 2021 Match and beyond, Osmosis is dedicating March to professional development

Throughout March, we’ll be sharing tips and tricks to get you thinking about your future residency applications and showing you what you can do right now to start preparing, including:

  • Forging relationships with mentors

  • Securing great letters of recommendation

  • Improving your grades

  • Building your curriculum vitae

  • And more...

So, you want to know more specifics? 

Let’s jump right in…

The Osmosis Ultimate Guide to the NRMP® Match

So, you’ve read the Osmosis Ultimate Guide to USMLE® Step 1. You learned about this exam in incredible detail, and by the end of it, you hopefully felt a little less stressed and a lot more prepared to tackle this high-stakes exam.

Next week, we’ll debut our next Osmosis Ultimate Guide, focusing specifically on the National Resident Matching Program® Match. This guide is designed to help you feel much more prepared for Match season next year, covering:

  • What the Match is and how it works

  • Essential steps you need to take to match with a residency program

  • How you can best optimize your applications so you get the residency you want

We’re planning to unleash the Osmosis Ultimate Guide to the NRMP Match on March 7, 2020, and we’ll be updating it with even more content throughout the month. Keep checking back for updates!

UPDATE: It's here! 

The Osmosis Ultimate Guide to the NRMP Match

Win a copy of Osmosis Renal Pathology

Academic performance is one of the central factors program directors consider when weighing applicants. At Osmosis, we know that diseases affecting the urinary system are some of the most difficult pathology topics for medical students. This month, we’ll be giving away 5 copies of our most popular Osmosis textbook: Osmosis Renal Pathology.

Click the image below to enter the giveaway! Winners will be announced by email on March 31, 2020. Open to Canada and US only.

Osmosis High-Yield Pathology Videos

While we’re on the subject of improving your academic performance and general medical knowledge… Have you checked out Osmosis’s High-Yield Pathology Videos yet? 

These videos are designed for medical and DO students entering the final phase of dedicated board prep for USMLE® Step 1. Each video covers the most high-yield and even highest-yield points (based on USMLE® practice tests) you will need to know to pass Step 1. 

To learn more, check out this blog post, or get started watching the High-Yield Pathology video library on Osmosis.org. 

Match Week celebrations

We’ve got something special planned for Match Week (March 16–20) AND Match Day. We know you’ll be doing this anyway, but keep an eye on your emails during Match Week, as we’ll be sending out a special surprise for everyone who’s subscribed to receive Osmosis updates!

Physician’s Week & Doctor’s Day

March 25–31 is Physician’s Week in the US, and March 30 is Doctor’s Day, a day where celebrate the achievements of current and future doctors worldwide. At Osmosis, we obviously celebrate current and future clinicians every single day, but let’s just say this week is going to be extra-special. Stay tuned for additional news.

NRMP® is a trademark and brand of the National Resident Matching Program. Osmosis is not affiliated with the NRMP.

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