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Spreading Joy Through the Osmosis Medical Education Fellowship Program

sadia zaman
Published on Jul 15, 2020. Updated on Sep 15, 2020.

Today on the Osmosis blog, medical student Sadia Zaman shares her experiences spreading joy as part of the Osmosis Medical Education Fellowship program. Applications to join the program are open now!

Osmosis has a set of values that guide everything they do for their learners. 

From my intercalation studying healthcare management, I wasn’t surprised—it’s conventional for many organizations to have a set of guiding principles. Did I expect Osmosis to fulfil them so completely, though? I have to say, no... 

... then I joined the Osmosis Medical Education Fellowship program!

The Osmosis Values

For anyone who is unfamiliar, the 6 Osmosis Values are... 

  1. Start with the heart

  2. Spread joy

  3. Have each other’s backs

  4. Open your arms

  5. Reach further

  6. Imagine more

What is the Osmosis Medical Education Fellowship (OMEF) program?

The OMEF community consists of engaged Osmosis learners from around the world. Made up of nearly 150 students and doctors, it’s segmented into regional and international levels and organized so that everyone can become well-acquainted with each over the course of the program. 

At the beginning of the program, we are taken under the wing of a Regional Lead with whom we communicate with regularly. I was very lucky to have had a role model in many ways—my RL always took it upon herself to encompass the Osmosis values.

By practicing the Osmosis values, my RL created an open, welcoming environment. This in turn encouraged involvement, easing these values into us as members of one OMEF family.

We have a vibrant communications group with live updates as events are run, alongside a few other systems put in place to facilitate innovation and exchange of ideas. All of this blossomed into a vibrant, cozy community that I’m very pleased to be part of!

Here are some of my favourite elements of the Osmosis Medical Education Fellowship program—hopefully they encourage you to join today!

A supportive community 

By joining the Osmosis Team Slack, we have a chance to network with other students and professionals, get feedback on things we’re working on, and learn from people, whether it’s about study tips, effective learning habits, personal interests, or accounts of what it’s like to attend medical school in different countries.

Opportunities to spread joy 

We’re frequently encouraged to add a moment of sunshine to someone’s day by sending an Osmosis Spread Joy eCard. These cards, featuring Osmosis’s trademark organ characters, come with graphics relevant to every occasion. They’re perfectly personalizable, and a great way to keep in touch with pals to let them know you were thinking of them. 

A place to celebrate your achievements

In the OMEF program, we are able to celebrate our successes with students all around the world. “Hype posts” once a week mean we’re always connected and learning about each other, with the freedom to choose how much we want to share professionally or personally. 

I always enjoyed hearing highlights from my teammates’ weeks, sharing advice on common issues, or working together during co-working hours. During these sessions, I’d feel very productive, but I also had time to reflect on my personal and professional developments, and share them with a highly receptive group of fellow learners.

During the monthly OMEF meeting, all the different cohorts get together to share updates, milestones, and shoutouts on small to large successes. Some examples include engagements, weddings, Step scores, and research publications!

Osmosis illustration of students in the Osmosis Medical Education Fellowship program.

Host fun, edifying events

During the OMEF program, I’ve had many opportunities to host events, whether they were in-person (pre-COVID) events at my school, or virtual events like study sessions. During the study sessions, we’d share answers for case-based learning questions before condensing and distilling clinically relevant information to introduce to pre-clinical students. 

Being in a position to apply and diffuse knowledge as a peer-mentor was a joyful experience, and it helped me solidify the knowledge I needed for my clerkships!

Free Osmosis Prime access for my friends

Being able to give out two weeks of Osmosis Prime was something my friends definitely benefited from! They really enjoyed the consistent, concise experience Osmosis offers through their video library, and learned a lot using the flashcards, questions, and High-Yield Notes. 

As an OMEF, being able to share the joy of learning by Osmosis was a sure-fire way to win the hearts of my fellow medical students and make a difference at my school!

About Sadia

Sadia Zaman is in her fifth year of medicine at Imperial College London, UK, and a participant in the Osmosis Medical Education Fellowship program. Sadia has an interest in an array of specialities within medicine including cardiology, obstetrics and gynaecology, pediatrics and more. She is passionate about how the future of medicine and education will intersect.

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