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Osmosis Raise the Line Podcast: July 2020 Update

Osmosis Team
Published on Jul 23, 2020. Updated on Sep 15, 2020.

Did you know there’s an Osmosis podcast? Join hosts Shiv Gaglani (co-founder and CEO, Osmosis) and Rishi Desai, MD, MPH (Chief Medical Officer at Osmosis) in conversation with other healthcare experts to explore key issues in medical education. Explore some highlights from our Raise the Line podcast with this July update.


What If You Don't Have a Hunch? - Dr. Joe Habboushe, Co-founder & CEO of MDCalc

The COVID-19 pandemic is completely uncharted territory for healthcare workers, making it difficult—if not impossible—to “follow your instincts” when treating patients with this disease. In this episode, Dr. Joe Habboushe, co-founder and CEO of MDCalc, joins Shiv to discuss how his company helps physicians make informed decisions and provide the best possible care. 

Listen now to learn how MDCalc provides physicians with immediate access to essential resources online, which countries we should look to for guidance on how to handle the pandemic effectively, and what this seventh-generation physician thinks about the current state of medical education and training.  


How Great Learning Happens - Jessie Woolley-Wilson, CEO of DreamBox Learning

Dreambox is an adaptive learning platform that helps students learn from their mistakes by analyzing errors in real-time and presenting opportunities to adjust and move forward.

During her conversation with Shiv, Dreambox CEO Jessie Woolley-Wilson shares how her platform is helping parents who have become full-time educators for their kids during the pandemic, and stresses how important internet access for all will be as we move into a school year in quarantine. 


Spending More to Live Less - Dr. Brad Spellberg, Los Angeles County + USC Medical Center

Dr. Brad Spellberg authored his book Broken, Bankrupt and Dying to shed light on the problems of profit-driven healthcare; the COVID-19 pandemic has made this an even more relevant read than ever.

In his interview with Rishi, Dr. Spellberg examines healthcare systems outside the US to identify how we might begin taking steps to fix our own. 


Listen Carefully: Is the Stethoscope on Life Support? - Jason Bellet, Co-founder and CCO of Eko

Eko’s digital stethoscopes are used by more than 50,000 healthcare professionals around the world, and are a much-needed update to the original tool, which hasn’t changed much since it was invented in 1816.

In this episode of Raise the Line, Jason Bellet, co-founder and CCO of Eko, talks through this revolution in auscultation with Shiv, explaining how it’s being used to improve healthcare for patients with cardiovascular conditions. 


Dr. Roger Seheult, Co-Founder of MedCram

Mounting evidence suggests that COVID-19 isn’t a respiratory condition like we once thought, but rather, a disease that impacts the cells lining the blood and lymphatic vessels. Dr. Roger Seheult, pulmonologist and co-founder of medical lecture provider MedCram, talks with Rishi about our evolving understanding of COVID-19, and how important it is to communicate complex medical topics effectively—and how we can do that without oversimplifying things.


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