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Osmosis & Me: My Experience in the OMEF Program

Carly Rosen
Published on Aug 11, 2020. Updated on Mar 25, 2021.

What was the moment medical school “clicked” for you? Today on the Osmosis blog, Carly Rosen shares how Osmosis transformed not only her studying, but her relationships with her fellow students—not just at her school, but around the world!

Like many medical students, I never received a grade less than a B+ before entering medical school. My first course at the University of Maryland School of Medicine was anatomy. This was also the course to break my all A streak for my final grades. 

Needless to say, I was devastated and confused when I saw my final grade. I was working the hardest I ever had in my life: studying for 12+ hours a day, making over 1000 hand-made flashcards, and memorizing the material without too much trouble. 

I couldn't understand why I did so poorly in the class, so I met with an upperclassman to talk about my poor performance. She assured me that I was not alone and offered tips and advice on how to study better. 

The most helpful advice she gave me was to look into using a study tool, such as Osmosis. A few hours after this conversation I was signing up for the free 2-week trial of Osmosis and uploading my schools PowerPoints into a shared workspace. 

How Osmosis helped me find my footing in medical school

I immediately fell in love with Osmosis. The software was so well-organized and intuitive. I continued to make my own flashcards, but I was being much more time-efficient by using the premade flashcard decks and reviewing material with their fun, animated videos

As my grades started to improve I began to share my experience with my classmates. By winter break of my M1 year, I convinced almost half my class to sign up for Osmosis so that we could have even more collaboration. My classmates and I would share our notes and flashcards. We used the workspace to ask questions about lectures and share extra information. I felt proud to promote an educational software that helped me and my classmates so much. 

Carly sharing Osmosis with some classmates

Joining the OMEF program

In the beginning of my second year of medical school, the Osmosis team reached out to me to become an Osmosis Medical Education Fellow (OMEF)

It was an easy decision for me to join the OMEF team as I was already acting as the point-person for Osmosis-related questions and ideas at my school. I was already fulfilling the OMEF program requirements, but now I got the added bonus of getting to interact and learn from medical students across the world. 

Since becoming an OMEF, my interest in medical education has increased substantially. Talking with medical students around the world made me realize how many different ways one can learn the same material. 

At the end of my M2 year I was elected to be the Curriculum Representative for my class. In this role, I am able to share the thoughts and ideas I have learned from other medical students in the OMEF community with my deans and peers. I was even able to incorporate the knowledge I acquired from other OMEFS about their medical school programs when helping to revamp the curriculum at my school. 

I am passionate about improving medical education and promoting advanced learning techniques. I hope to mold my career in medicine around academics. Osmosis has not only helped my career in terms of my academic performance, but as an OMEF I discovered and nourished a new passion. 

Carly speaking with other OMEFs about their experiences in medical education

About Carly

Carly Rosen is a third-year medical student at the University of Maryland in Baltimore. She plans to go into Emergency Medicine with hopes for a dual career of clinical practice with administration or academics. Outside of medicine, her passions include volunteering at the local animal shelter, where she walks the dogs and plays with the cats. 

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