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Osmosis Raise the Line Podcast: September 2020 Update

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Published on Sep 17, 2020. Updated on Oct 19, 2020.

This September, in honor of Women in Medicine Month, Osmosis is highlighting some of the amazing women whose voices have been featured recently on our Raise the Line podcast.

Our accomplished interviewees are not just contributing behind the scenes. Among them are presidents of major associations including the American Medical Association, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, and the American College of Sports Medicine.

Join us as we bring these voices of women in medicine forward, honoring their achievements and soaking in their wisdom.

All Nurses Are Leaders - Dr. Deborah Trautman, President and CEO, American Association of Colleges of Nursing

Can nurses on the ground be advocates? They sure can. Nurses can advocate on many levels, including the realms of domestic violence, addiction, and childhood obesity. Or even, in the House of Representatives, as Dr. Trautman knows firsthand. As a Robert Wood Johnson fellow, she went from ER nurse to sharing her expertise with policymakers in Washington during the development of the Affordable Care Act. 

Dr. Trautman believes that all nurses are leaders and as such have a responsibility to use their knowledge to impact change. Listen in as she shares more about her impactful career in conversation with Dr. Rishi Desai on topics including competency-based curriculum, the AACN's response to COVID, and how the pandemic has caused a closer alignment of academic and practice nursing.


A Love for Learning and Healthy Living – Dr. NiCole Keith, President of the American College of Sports Medicine

As a black woman with a leadership role in a traditionally white, male field, Dr. Keith knows a thing or two about perseverance and has plenty of lessons to share. One thing that Dr. Keith is passionate about is helping people live a healthy lifestyle even if they may be lacking in education or resources.

Americans may be somewhat resistant to preventative measures like masks and exercise, but they can’t deny that healthy spaces correlate with healthy living. In addition to promoting more green spaces for all, Dr. Keith is a strong advocate of healthier habits for physicians themselves. Listen as she connects with Dr. Rishi Desai about her journey to leadership, ACSM's "Exercise is Medicine" and Leadership & Diversity Training Program initiatives, and how COVID is shining a light on chronic disease and health disparities.


Called to Caregiving - Kathy Boden Holland, Group President at Adtalem Global Education

Large scale can be a huge asset, especially when responding to a crisis like COVID-19. In any given year, more physicians in the U.S. healthcare system graduate from schools affiliated with Adtalem Global Education than any other medical school in the world. The broad scope of the organization, and the resiliency they gained while recovering from a devastating hurricane several years ago, allowed Adtalem's schools to quickly learn from each other and make adjustments to keep their programs on course. 

In this episode of Raise the Line, Kathy Boden Holland speaks with Shiv Gaglani about how Adtalem has continued to educate and meet workforce needs during the pandemic, and how COVID has had the effect of raising the visibility and esteem of caregivers and actually drawing more people to the field. 


Networking Is Not a Bad Word - Bunny Ellerin, CEO and Co-founder, NYC Health Business Leaders

Networking is not just handing out business cards, says Bunny Ellerin. She has built her entire career on building relationships with others, earning her the unofficial title, "the most connected person in healthcare." Ellerin understands that for many health care professionals, as well as her students at Columbia Business School, networking can seem scary or unappealing. But in these uncertain times, finding common ground with others has never been so important. One key, she says, is seeing what you can offer others. 

Check out this episode of Raise the Line to learn more about Ellerin’s relationship-building approach, find out how it is stimulating healthcare innovation and helping New York’s digital health scene thrive, and hear Ellerin’s picks for cutting-edge companies to look out for.


"Be Mindful of Who You Are Serving" - Lendri Purcell and Althea Hicks, The Jonas Philanthropies

The Jonas Philanthropies work to improve public health in a number of domains, including healthcare for nurses and veterans, children's environmental health and the overall health of the climate. In this interview, Vice President Lendri Purcell and Althea Hicks, Grants and Programs Manager for Jonas Nursing and Veterans Healthcare at Columbia University School of Nursing, share with Dr. Rishi Desai more about their programs and stress the need for caregivers to understand and train for the particular needs of the people they are serving. 

Other topics touched upon in this wide-ranging conversation include social media, chemical and toxics safety, and how the COVID-19 pandemic and recent social justice occurrences have led to more of a focus on diversity and inclusion among Jonas Philanthropies programs. 


Dr. Patrice Harris - President, American Medical Association

Dr. Patrice Harris was the first African-American woman to be elected president of the American Medical Association and is a champion for racial equity in healthcare. There’s no getting around it, she says—COVID-19 impacts some races more than others. 

In this engaging discussion with Dr. Rishi Desai from the throes of the Coronavirus crisis in April, Dr. Harris explains how the AMA is responding to the pandemic: listening to concerns of physicians on the frontlines, trying to protect the safety of its members by advocating for PPE and ventilators, and calling for policy decisions to be based on evidence. In her hat of child psychologist, she also shares advice with parents on how to talk to their children about COVID.


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