What “Reach Further” Means to Me

Lewis Nasr
Published on Sep 23, 2020. Updated on Sep 23, 2020.

A medical student applies one of the 6 Osmosis values to his life past, present, and future. 

Whether we realize it or not, the only constant in our lives is change. What I write today may take on a whole different meaning to me when I revisit it down the road. I am confident that, in the future, I will still be “reaching further” in one or many of the following ways.

Do not fear opportunity

Opportunities and the way they present themselves to us will test our resourcefulness and creativity. We may hesitate to break away from the comfort of routine and familiarity. 

However, you should know that your skillset can be applied in multifaceted and diverse ways. When we enter into a collaboration with others, it brings benefits to all involved. If we do not continuously reach out, there are things that will pass us by. 

For instance, when the opportunity came knocking on my door with the Osmosis Medical Education Fellow (OMEF) Program, I was nervous. But I could not miss out on the chance to meet a diverse, integrated, and efficient team that brings value with each interaction. I could have flinched and passed, since nobody in my country has ever done this, but I am grateful for this opportunity and continue to challenge myself to expand upon it.

Face the fear of loss

It may not seem like it, but any moment can mark the upheaval of life as you know it. Whether it is a cancer diagnosis, a car accident, a pandemic, or an economic collapse, life has a way of throwing punches in ways that may shake your very core. 

As hard as it may be (and I say this with more empathy than can be expressed in writing), this is an inescapable part of life. All the emotions and hardships that accompany major life events are daunting. 

We all have different ways of dealing with them, but we definitely grow with our experiences. While these changes can seem insurmountable, they can also make you grateful for what you have; living in fear can often make us incapable of moving forward.

Look towards the inside 

Reaching further does not need to be focused solely outward. It is crucial that you take care of yourself

The financial catchphrase “pay yourself first” applies just as well to your mental and physical health. Sometimes you do not realize it, but it’s obvious in hindsight. 

Bring the best out of yourself and your closest circle. Study after study confirms that the depth of your relationships with the closest people around you is a major contributor to your happiness.

Keep learning 

We live in a time of immense progress. The only way to go is forward with curiosity and love of learning. The more we know, the more we realize just how much there is to know. 

The humility that comes with the realization of how little one single human can know is eye-opening. Think of the first time you traveled to a new place on your own. Experiencing a whole different set of cultures, norms, values, and ways of life may be overwhelming to some, yet it elevates your point of view to see life in ways you never imagined.

For instance, learning the history of a people and the many viewpoints from which its story can be told can be applied to your own daily struggles and conflicts.

Keep reaching

I hope this small reflection gives you food for thought. I think we should all be searching ourselves for what Aristotle called the “Golden Mean.” 

Extremism on either side of a spectrum can cause us to miss out on understanding one another. Stay inspired!

About Lewis

Lewis Nasr is a medical student at the Saint Joseph University of Beirut in Lebanon and leans towards the Hematology and Oncology specialties. He is an American citizen that has spent most of his life in Lebanon but plans to return to the US in the near future to continue building his career there. Outside of medical school, Lewis tries to take in life at its fullest through experiences such as scuba diving, skydiving, and spending time with family and friends.



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