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Osmosis Recognized for Best Company Culture, Best Leadership, and Other Awards

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Published on Oct 19, 2020. Updated on Dec 30, 2020.

At Osmosis we care deeply about our teammates and culture, which has allowed us to attract among the most talented, diverse, and caring people from around the world. Out of thousands of small- and mid-sized companies, Osmosis received nine Comparably awards in 2020 voted upon by our employees, including recognitions for leadership, growth opportunities, and our commitment to work-life balance and team happiness. 

In July, Comparably, a leading workplace culture and compensation monitoring site, named  our co-founder & CEO Shiv Gaglani among the Best CEOs for Diversity and Best CEOs for Women. According to Comparably, Shiv has a 97/100 CEO score and ranks among the top 5% of all CEOs on the platform. Osmosis was also listed among the Best Leadership Teams 2020 and the Best Companies for Professional Development

In October, we received two additional awards: Best Company Work-Life Balance, and Best Company Happiness.

In December, Osmosis received a further three awards: Best Company for Women, Best CEO, and Best Company Culture.

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“At Osmosis, we are committed to creating a more caring world by developing the most caring people,” said Shiv. “We've always made culture and teammate success a top priority and it's humbling for our organization to be recognized for doing so. As Osmosis further grows our audience, we are more committed than ever to developing our culture and sharing it with our audience of millions of current and future clinicians and caregivers.”

Osmosis's Comparably awards.

What our teammates are saying about Osmosis

Comparably features testimonials from Osmosis teammates sharing their experiences at the company. Here are some highlights:

"Osmosis has been such a wonderful company to work at. Everyone is highly motivated yet understanding and human. The company is strongly focused on the Mission, Vision, and Values, and does great work living those every day."

"It has been a joyful experience. I am constantly learning new things. I get to interact with caring teammates regularly. There hardly seems to be any difference between work place interaction and the interaction I have with my family members."

"It is easily the best job I've ever had. It almost doesn't feel like work because I enjoy the work I do and the people I do it with. I have autonomy over how I do my work, I'm challenged and constantly given opportunities to master new skills, and I feel a great sense of purpose working here."

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Osmosis

Why Osmosis founded a DEI committee

In 2019, people from across the Osmosis team founded a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee. We did this because: 

  • We want to live the Osmosis values in our daily work, and part of that is recognizing, celebrating, and supporting the differences within our community of colleagues, learners, and supporters

  • In representing and elevating the differences we all have, we can help caregivers learn how to give the best care to everyone, and we can help patients receive the best care

  • We want to create a company with the best culture possible, to attract, grow, and retain people who will help us continue living those Osmosis values

What the Osmosis DEI committee achieves

Members of the DEI committee serve the Osmosis team and our community of learners by: 

  • Acting as Consultants/Helpers for individual teams on DEI-related projects to help advance the DEI objectives

  • Fielding concerns and feedback related to DEI and own follow up, problem-solving, and escalating as needed

  • Planning, leading, and organizing trainings, education, and empathy-building events for the company on DEI topics

  • Proactively surveying the company on topics related to DEI to discover blind spots and areas for improvement and propose solutions to leadership

DEI content at Osmosis

After just a year of activity, the DEI committee is already having a significant impact on everything we do at Osmosis, both for our internal team and for learners who engage with the Osmosis platform.

Engaging workshops

The DEI committee hosts guest speakers on a quarterly basis to bring new perspectives to the Osmosis team. So far, we’ve hosted digital marketer Courtney Cox Wakefield, who shared their perspective on the value of inclusive content that properly reflects organizational values, and Dr. Sarah Elizabeth Moreman, who engaged us in an illuminating discussion about communicating with people living with disabilities.

If you’re a DEI speaker interested in sharing your perspective with our team, we’d love to hear from you!

Osmosis illustration demonstrating how to say

Open conversations

The DEI committee hosts regular meetings where everyone in the Osmosis team is encouraged to share their thoughts on DEI topics. During these meetings we’ve had many open, honest, and extremely valuable conversations that have helped us better understand one another’s perspectives and become aligned on key DEI issues, allowing us to move forward together as an organization.

Osmosis DEI book club

This month, the Osmosis team is hosting its first internal book club, during which we’ll share our perspectives on Ibram X. Kendi’s How to Be an Anti-Racist

Video & blog content

The Osmosis Content team is currently developing a video on the topic of Implicit Bias, which we have been working on in collaboration with members of the Student National Medical Association (SNMA). Through this video, we’re hoping to help clinicians address their preconceived notions about patients, so everyone can receive equal standards of care.

We’re also working on an ongoing DEI blog series, Minorities in Medicine. Through this series, we’re hoping to help people understand the challenges faced by minorities in the US and around the world, while also providing a platform to celebrate their successes and achievements. 

If you're a minority in medicine and interested in sharing your experience with the world, contact us!

DEI-focused content review

To ensure Osmosis all Osmosis content accommodates the widest possible audience, we’ve implemented a formalized review process for our videos, practice questions, and High-Yield Notes. 

Currently, our DEI Osmosis Faculty Reviewers (OFRs) review scripts containing subject matter that falls under diversity, equity, and inclusion (like the script for our upcoming implicit bias video). Our goal is to have DEI OFRs expand on our current inclusive language guide so that the team can reference that guide when content is written.  All of our content is reviewed by DEI experts before going into production.

At Osmosis, we’re proud to serve an incredibly diverse group of current and future healthcare professionals around the world. It’s our hope that the work of the DEI committee will help us continue to offer learning content that meets the needs of every person, and helps train a caring, compassionate generation of caregivers.

Congratulations, Shiv! Thank you for supporting the efforts of the DEI team at Osmosis, for fostering such an inclusive culture, and for all the work you’re doing to provide the world’s current and future clinicians with the best learning experience possible. Thank you, Comparably, for recognizing the culture we're working so hard to build here at Osmosis.

Osmosis teammates from around the world.

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