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Year in Review: 2020 at Osmosis

Osmosis Team
Published on Dec 21, 2020. Updated on Mar 25, 2021.

In 2020, the Osmosis team has been working hard to support your learning so you can succeed in your classes and on your exams, no matter the circumstances. It’s been quite a year! This blog post recaps major milestones we’ve celebrated at Osmosis in 2020, including:

  • Updates on Osmosis.org (new videos, platform updates, and a new mascot!)

  • Osmosis initiatives (Raise the Line podcast scholarship, faculty awards, and more)

  • All things COVID-19  

  • New partnerships and collaborations 

  • What’s coming in 2021

We have a lot to cover, so let’s dive in!

Updates to your learning experience on Osmosis Prime

2020's events led to a shift in priorities for the Osmosis team. As the pandemic began to spread globally, we felt it was our responsibility to help educate the public on COVID-19 health and safety measures (more on that later in the article). But we also had to find ways to continue to support our learners, who needed online education resources like Osmosis more than ever! To this end, we added new videos to the platform, as well as updates and enhancements to make learning by Osmosis easier than ever before.

New Histology videos

In September, Osmosis added a comprehensive series on Histology. Spearheaded by Dr. Justin Ling and Dr. Ghassan Tranesh, this series covers the “normal” histology of the human body with an organ-based approach. 

Each Osmosis Histology video makes visually complicated histology images easier to understand with clear annotations, overlays, and side-by-side schematic representations. Watching these videos will help you differentiate between similar structures and correct common misunderstandings. The series emphasizes important connections to clinical practice and provides a better understanding of other areas of medicine including physiology, pathology, and biochemistry.

Learn more about this series in this blog article, and watch the introductory video below!

New Anatomy videos

Knowledge of human anatomy is fundamental for future health professionals. Our talented illustration team is currently working hard on an extremely thorough and beautifully animated Anatomy series that will comprehensively cover what you’ll need to know in your health professional program. 

This 154-video series, currently in development, is slated for completion by summer 2021. Check out a preview of this series below:

An updated Osmosis Library

Osmosis learners can now enjoy a more streamlined experience when exploring the Osmosis Library. With this update—which rolled out just this month—you can now find videos more easily and quickly identify what content is most relevant to you, wherever you are in your health professional journey.

Read more about the 2020 Osmosis Library update!

Osmosis Library Update gif.

Osmosis summer webinars

We all got much more comfortable with our webcams this year, and increased time at home really normalized online meetups—you might even say that 2020 was the Year of the Webinar. It definitely was at Osmosis!

Osmosis hosted a record number of webinars in 2020 (many over the summer) covering a slew of topics, from Testing Anxiety, to Financial Planning for New Physicians, to Alternative Careers in Medicine, Racism in Academic Medicine, and more. 

If you missed these events, don’t worry—you can watch recordings of ALL our webinars at osmosis.org/events.

A new mascot!

This year, Ozzy the Osmosis bot blasted off into space in search of other planets and beings. But he has left Osmosis in very capable hands. If you missed the introduction on social, meet Mo the Stem Cell!

We chose a stem cell as our mascot to better-reflect Osmosis as a health education platform and be more representative of our learners. Stem cells are totipotent, meaning they have a huge differentiation potential and can differentiate into any embryonic as well as extra-embryonic cell type. We thought this was a great way to represent the limitless potential of all the future health professionals who learn by Osmosis!

Animated GIF of Mo the stem cell

2020 by the numbers at Osmosis

We collected some data summarizing how you and the rest of Osmosis's caring community have been using Osmosis Prime to learn faster, retain more, visualize key information, and improve your understanding.

Osmosis 2020 by the numbers.

Osmosis initiatives

Osmosis’s vision is to create a more caring world by developing the most caring people. This year, we launched a number of new initiatives—and continued some established traditions—to build and provide a platform for our caring community.

Osmosis Raise the Line Podcast

On April 15, 2020, Osmosis launched our first podcast, Raise the Line, hosted by Osmosis co-founder and CEO Shiv Gaglani, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Rishi Desai, and Nursing Content Manager Jannah Amiel. Raise the Line explores solutions with top experts to strengthen the capacity of our healthcare system during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Since our first episode with former CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden, the Raise the Line team has interviewed more than 100 leading figures in education, medicine, technology, and policy development, including the Dean of Harvard Medical School, Salman Khan of Khan Academy, Arianna Huffington, executives at Google, Facebook, Medtronic, and many entrepreneurs creating solutions to improve the healthcare system and people’s lives.

Raise the Line has also had the honor of providing a platform for many frontline healthcare providers working in a variety of settings, from large health systems, to community clinics in underserved areas.

Check out 100+ episodes of our Raise the Line podcast. 

The Osmosis Health Education Impact Scholarship returns

This summer, we were pleased to welcome a new round of applicants for the Osmosis Health Education Impact Scholarship. Hundreds of medical, nursing, dental, PA, EMT, paramedic, and nurse practitioner students from across the US shared stories on how they plan to embody one of Osmosis’ six core values in their daily lives. Six scholarships were awarded: one $5,000 prize and five $1,000 prizes.

Congratulations to this year’s winners:

Thank you to all applicants. We hope you’ll join us again for round 3 in 2021!

Osmosis Raise the Line Faculty Awards

Health educators around the world are doing tremendously important work to train the next generation of healthcare professionals. We wanted to give formal recognition to this work, so we launched the very first round of the Osmosis Raise the Line Faculty Awards.

We asked students and faculty at healthcare institutions globally to nominate instructors and colleagues for exemplary teaching that embodies the Osmosis values. This year’s grand prize winners were:

For a full list of award winners in each category, visit our Faculty Awards page.

Osmosis Raise the Line Faculty Awards winners.

Osmosis Nursing Assistant training course

This year, Osmosis launched our first end-to-end training program for Nursing Assistants in the Portland, Oregon area. Half of this program is completed online from home, while the other half will be in person to learn skills in both the practice and clinical setting caring for clients.

We’re excited to welcome our first cohort of future Nursing Assistants, who will find employment with Prestige Care, Inc after graduating from the program and completing Oregon’s Nursing Assistant certification process. 

If you or someone you know is looking for a meaningful role that will help you enter the workforce quickly, and allow you to serve your community, the Osmosis Nursing Assistant Training might be perfect for you! 

Learn more about the program and subscribe for updates.

Osmosis Medical Education Fellowship program growth

The Osmosis Medical Education Fellowship program entered its third year in 2020! We welcomed 80 new medical students into the program, who represent their classmates in over 30 countries. This means the OMEF network has grown to over 300 students since the program began! Engagement within the program is incredibly impressive: the program has a Net Promoter Score score of 72, with many OMEFs choosing to remain part of the program in subsequent years.

Key initiatives from this year’s OMEF program include:

Learn more about the OMEF program and apply to join our 2021 cohort.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Osmosis

Osmosis is always striving to be the best place to work, no matter who you are. To ensure our team remains up to speed on the latest DEI developments and ensure our organization remains inclusive, we have hosted monthly internal webinars with guest speakers on topics including implicit bias, alternative communication strategies, building inclusive content, and more. 

We’re also working with DEI content reviewers to ensure all of the videos, practice questions, flashcards and other learning materials we produce are truly representative, empowering our learners to provide the best care possible to everyone they may encounter in their clinical practice.

For more examples of DEI-related content on Osmosis, check out:

Raising the line to fight COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic went global, Osmosis jumped into action, producing videos, dozens of infographics, and other informational resources to help #RaiseTheLine, flatten the curve, and slow the spread of COVID-19. We’re overjoyed that the vaccine is being rolled out, but it's important to remain vigilant: the pandemic remains a threat, and we will be continuing to produce COVID-19 content into 2021.

Explore Osmosis's COVID-19 resources.

COVID-19 webinars and live events

During this Year of the Webinar, Osmosis hosted a number of public events on Zoom and YouTube Live to help people and organizations tackle various aspects of life in the pandemic. 

These included Ask-Me-Anything events with Dr. Rishi Desai, wellness sessions dedicated to psychological wellbeing with Dr. Amin Azzam, resources for educators to help them adapt to the online learning environment, guided meditations and live yoga with Hillary Acer and Gil McIntire, and even a webinar for companies that needed to adapt to remote work and were looking to Osmosis for guidance. 

Raising the Line with a physical distancing pledge

Maintaining physical distance is a challenging but important aspect of flattening the curve and slowing the spread of COVID-19. We awarded free Osmosis Prime to any Osmosis learner who signed our pledge to help raise the line by adhering to public health guidelines. 

Thousands of learners signed, and we gave away more than 5,000 years of complimentary access to Osmosis Prime, cumulatively.

“Flatten the Curve, Raise the Line”

Last year, the musical minds at Osmosis released our first song, “Big Brains Matter More” to help you remember the cranial nerves. This year, we’re back with a new jam, “Flatten the Curve, Raise the Line” to help people remember why it’s so important to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Read an interview with the song and video creators here, and watch a special cello collaboration with Osmosis Music Director Evan Diem and Osmosis Illustrator Kaia Chessen below.

COVID-19 course

Osmosis’s free COVID-19 course, available through Coursera, was incredibly well-received this year. To date, 100,000 clinicians and members of the public have enrolled with the goal of learning how to diagnose and treat COVID-19 cases. Learn more about the course on our COVID-19 resources page.

COVID-19 Stories from Around the World

As a distributed organization, we’re fortunate to have Osmosis teammates around the world, many of them working in healthcare. To broaden learner perspectives on the COVID-19 pandemic, Osmosis launched a blog series on COVID-19 Around the World, which includes the following countries: Argentina, Greece, India, Ireland, Jordan, Lebanon, Romania, Rwanda, Serbia and the UK.

Osmosis in the news

Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Rishi Desai, became a public figure during the COVID-19 pandemic, gaining over 50,000 Twitter followers almost overnight following his viral appearance on Fox News:

Animated GIF of Rishi's classic headshake on Fox News.

Rishi made numerous other media appearances this year, appearing on MSNBC, CNBC, The Cut, NY Daily News, and more.  

Welcoming new partners to the Osmosis family

Osmosis’s caring community has expanded considerably in 2020. We’ve forged many new partnerships through the Raise the Line podcast, and as more people discover how effective learning by Osmosis is, we’ve been inundated with requests from companies and organizations to make Osmosis-style videos for their audiences. We’ve also continued to introduce many health education institutions to the magic of learning by Osmosis, so they can provide Osmosis to their students!

Diffusion Studios partnerships

Diffusion Studios, a branch of Osmosis, produces animated videos for any company, organization, or individual who wants to amplify their message with an Osmosis-style video. 

This year, Diffusion Studios produced 168 videos (133,427 words worth of video scripts!) in 9 languages for high-profile clients including YouTube, Stereotaxis, and Thrive Global.

Interested in producing an Osmosis-style video for your business? Book a consultation today.

Institutional partnerships

To date, Osmosis has formed over 140 partnerships with health education institutions and programs, including:

Institutions use Osmosis for a variety of use cases such as a supplemental learning tool, to support flipped curricula, as an additional resource for at-risk students, and more.

To learn how Osmosis can support your institution’s teaching and learning goals, please book a consultation with us today.

Animated GIF of selected Osmosis partnerships.

Looking forward to 2021

Thank you for learning by Osmosis this year. To close out our 2020 recap, we invite you to check out this recent announcement of some exciting updates Osmosis is planning for 2021. We look forward to continuing helping you achieve great things, and wish you health and happiness in the new year!


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