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Content Update: New Osmosis Nursing Videos & Practice Questions, Coming Soon

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Published on May 6, 2021. Updated on May 6, 2021.

Nursing student learners will soon have access to a completely reimagined and focused experience on Osmosis Prime. Learn with brand new videos and questions geared to your current needs that also anticipate big changes coming to the NCLEX® and the nursing profession at large. 

This year, in recognition of nurses’ contributions on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Health Organization announced that “Year of the Nurse” would continue from 2020 into 2021. The world needs 9 million more nurses to meet upcoming healthcare needs, and as client populations grow older and more clinically complex, there’s a greater need for nurses who can think critically and make effective decisions to provide the best care possible.

In the next three years, the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) will formalize this shift by making significant changes to the NCLEX®. The Next Generation NCLEX® (NGN) is set to be a more accurate evaluation of nursing graduates’ skills. It will push you to reach even further by testing your ability to recognize and analyze cues, prioritize hypotheses and create solutions, and take actions and evaluate outcomes. 

To better serve nurses who learn by Osmosis now and in the future, we’re launching brand new nursing content on Osmosis Prime. These new videos and practice questions will help set you up for success both on the NCLEX® and in your career. 

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New nursing content coming soon Osmosis

New Nursing Process videos

Quick summary: To help you draw the connection between the Nursing Process and caring for a diverse group of clients with a wide range of illnesses and needs, Osmosis has launched a new Nursing Process video series. The 75+ videos in this collection are available now. 

Osmosis’s new Nursing Process videos are designed to teach nursing students in the same way you’ll practice in the field. Each video presents information using the framework of the nursing process (ADPIE), in the same manner and language that it's applied in nursing practice. 

As a reminder, ADPIE stands for: Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation.

Osmosis illustration of the 5-Step Nursing Process, ADPIE. 

In each video, a specific pathology (like Celiac Disease) is presented using the ADPIE framework. As you watch, you should be able to clearly see yourself as the practicing Nurse in a given scenario. You’ll be guided systematically through every step you need to care for a client with a specific condition, from identifying cues and clues in clinical scenarios, to applying your knowledge to achieve the best possible client outcomes.

The 75+ videos in the Nursing Process series will also help set you up for success on the NCLEX®. Develop the critical and clinical thinking skills you need to succeed in your nursing career and on this important exam! 

Screenshot previewing a selection of Nursing Process (ADPIE) videos on Osmosis.

How Osmosis’s Nursing Process videos will prepare you for the NCLEX®

The NCLEX® challenges your ability to make clinical decisions and form clinical judgements when presented with data in a question form. In about 3 years, this exam will be modified to push that ability even further: you will need to be able to recognize and analyze cues, prioritize hypotheses and create solutions, and take actions and evaluate outcomes. 

Our goal in creating the Nursing Process series is to present content in the same manner and language as you’d see it on exams and applied in practice. These videos help you see the big picture!


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Some Nursing Process video highlights from Nurse Jannah

As Director of Nursing Curriculum, Jannah Amiel, MS, BSN, RN oversees the team of nursing experts on our Nursing Assessment team who are working hard on all of this new content. 

Here are some of Nurse Jannah’s favorite videos in the Nursing Process series:

• • •

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→ Breast cancer: Nursing Process (ADPIE)

“I’ve taught this topic several times in my career, but I’ve never seen it as well presented as it is here; really drilled down to a granular level while keeping it very easy to understand. Huge kudos to our RN script writers who so brilliantly create our content!”

• • •

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→ Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA): Nursing Process (ADPIE)

“I love that the emphasis isn’t just on the disease process itself, but it also includes the socioeconomic factors that contributed to this client’s illness, and the Nurse’s response to addressing the client as a whole.”

• • •

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→ Laryngotracheobronchitis (LTB)/Croup: Nursing Process (ADPIE)

“The illustrators and RNs did a fantastic job collaborating together to include subtle, but meaningful, clues in the scenes. Really helpful in facilitating critical thinking!”

• • •

New NCLEX-RN®-style questions to test your knowledge of the Nursing Process

Quick summary: by this summer, nurses who learn by Osmosis will have access to 1,200 brand new NCLEX-RN® style questions that align specifically with the learning objectives of each Nursing Process video. These questions will come in various question types—all of which you’ll encounter on the actual NCLEX-RN® exam.

To accompany the new Nursing Process series, we’re also working on a completely new suite of NCLEX-RN®-style questions. These questions test learners’ ability to remember, understand and apply the information to a variety of scenarios; as well as analyze, evaluate and create outcomes with the information. 

Learners will be able to access these new practice questions from the learn pages, and later this year, an updated version of the Quiz Builder.  Practice your skills with thousands of items that reflect the current NCLEX-RN® test plan, including:

  • Multiple-choice

  • SATA (select all that apply)

  • Fill-in-the-blank calculation

  • Hot spots

  • Exhibit

  • Ordered response

  • Audio and graphics

All item types may include multimedia, including tables, charts, graphics, and later in 2021, audio. The first round of new NCLEX® questions will be available on the platform this summer.

But wait! There’s more...

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Later this year on Osmosis Nursing

Updates to the Osmosis Quiz Builder

This year we’re going to be updating the Osmosis Quiz Builder so it better matches how nurses study. You’ll be able to filter quiz questions by:

  • Client need category

  • Core content/topic area

  • Bloom’s taxonomy/Cognitive skills

  • Question type

New Nursing Pharmacology videos & practice questions

Osmosis Nursing Pharmacology video thumbnail.

Osmosis’s upcoming Nursing Pharmacology series will feature over 100 videos covering major medications and pharmacologic therapies used in client care, and your role and responsibilities as a nurse around managing those medications and therapies, and the clients who receive them.

The Osmosis team is also working on 700 new questions to accompany this series, each aligned with specific learning objectives. Nursing Pharmacology is scheduled for release later this summer. 

New Nursing Science videos & practice questions

Osmosis Nursing Science video thumbnail.

Nursing Science will be the biggest collection of Osmosis nursing videos to date, containing 290 videos that comprehensively teach Nurse learners about core Nursing content. This series covers everything from basic foundational health and science knowledge to elevated concepts, such as ethics in Nursing and providing culturally-relevant Nursing care.

We’re also working on 2,900 questions to align with this series’ learning objectives. The full Nursing Science series is slated for release by the end of 2021.

As a quick recap...

Available now on Osmosis Prime

  • 75+ new Nursing Process (ADPIE) videos

Coming this summer

  • 1,200+ new Nursing Process (ADPIE) NCLEX-RN®-style practice questions
  • 100 new Nursing Pharmacology videos with 700+ corresponding NCLEX-RN®-style practice questions

Coming later in 2021

  • An updated Quiz Builder for RN learners
  • 290 new Nursing Science videos with 2,900+ corresponding NCLEX-RN®-style practice questions

That’s all for today’s Nursing Content update! For Nurses Week 2021, we’d like to give a special thank-you to all the nurses on the Osmosis team who have been reaching further and imagining more to bring all this content to Osmosis Prime. We’re really excited to be able to better-serve the thousands of nursing students who already learn by Osmosis, and to welcome new members with the best learning experience possible. 

Happy Nurses Week, and Happy Year of the Nurse!


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