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Team Spotlight: Victoria Cumberbatch, Osmosis Community Manager

Osmosis Team
Published on Nov 11, 2021. Updated on Nov 11, 2021.

Have you ever wondered if there’s an easier way to create the career of your dreams? Osmosis Community Manager Viki shares how she’s living the life she’s always imagined, and why her natural personality helped her get there.

To start things off, can you provide a bit of information about your early life and education? 

Even in high school, I found myself engaged in and leading communities. I played four varsity sports beginning in my freshman year and acted as captain for two of them. I was also elected as president of the student council for two consecutive years and a plethora of smaller clubs that grabbed my attention.

In college, however, at the U of Maryland College Park, I found myself less involved and chose to just focus on being in a new environment of learning. I was able to secure a spot on Semester at Sea in my early sophomore year and I had strong involvement in Rotary International and the $100 Solution.

I graduated cum laude from UMD with a degree in Government & Politics and a minor in International Development and Conflict Management. Why? I thought I’d be a diplomat working in the anti-sex-trafficking realm. 

What did you want to be when you were younger?

In truth, I don’t ever recall having a dream to pursue a career path as a kid. I caught the travel bug very early, thanks to an intrepid teacher-mom that had copious time off throughout the year. We traveled overseas at least twice yearly and I just thought that would be the life I’d always lead.

In retrospect, it’s clear that I’ve never let anything derail me from that original dream of a life of travel and immersion. So, maybe a better question for me would be, how did I envision my life?

And the best way to describe that would be being surrounded by my intentionally curated community and traveling constantly. 

How did you find community?

As with most things, unexpectedly. Although I always found myself in groups and finagling my way to leading them, I never really put two and two together.

My first salaried position was at a New York City nonprofit and I oversaw volunteer-event directors around the USA, ensuring they felt heard and supported. Which, at the end of the day, is always the foundation or underpinnings of a community, in my opinion.

Then as I moved companies, my role remained in the same realm and it wasn’t until discussing my title at Osmosis where I realized, oh, I’ve been in community management all along!

How did you find Osmosis? Why Osmosis?

I came across Osmosis through a former professional network where a voice-over job was posted. I had really wanted to get back into voice-over as a hustle and applied twice before getting to the interview stage!

I was interested initially in the challenge of medical verbiage as a voice-over artist without medical education. It was a remote position (which is what I was used to at that point), and it was highly praised by a few employees that I happened to be connected with.

Once I had a few months in as a voice-over artist, I was asked if I’d be interested in migrating over to community full time and it felt very seamless and right. 

What’s a typical “day in the life” when you (were) working for Osmosis?

Oh, a typical day included engaging on video calls for at least three hours daily and sometimes up to five, with various one-on-ones or team conversations. Our community participated primarily on Slack, so that window was always open on my desktop, ready to provide feedback, troubleshoot any issues, or set up weekly reminders.

There was a bit of metric tracking, editing, creativity on Canva, and various shout-outs that I tried to do throughout the week. I like productivity and hacks, so I’d also spend quite a bit of time researching ways to maximize output while also minimizing wasted time and offering to share those learnings either in Knowledge Drops or just in Slack channels. 

What do you love about your current work?

As a community manager, I enjoyed the one-on-ones with our community members (OMEFs) and leaders (Regional Leads). Also, I ended up finding joy in creating systems and processes that would work even if I wasn’t around (like if I went on vacation).

It was always great to work with other teams and figure out ways we could provide more opportunities to our OMEFs; this may have been my favorite part. I loved surprising our members with better and better chances for mentorship, professionalism, public speaking, and the like. 

What is your advice for people looking to move into community management work?

With community management, recognize that you most likely already have many of the skills you’d need to succeed, you’ll just have to dig them up. Skills like empathy, creativity, initiative, collaboration, and the like will go a long way in this field.

Great places to find more support when you begin include (but are not limited to): Community Club and Community by Association; if you’d like to hone your skills there’s now C School and many ad hoc workshops from LifeLabs that I recommend. Most of all, when applying to a role, lean into all the human-contact experience you have (if it’s solely a community role and not social media). This is the most important way to show what you can bring to the table. 

Can you tell our readers a fun fact about yourself?

I’m currently living in a camper van with my man and traveling the USA :)

A big thanks to Viki for sharing her story with us! Follow along with her traveling adventures on her website and Instagram!