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Get to Know the Founders of Lumify

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Published on Jun 2, 2022. Updated on Jun 2, 2022.

Lumify is the digital home for healthcare workers. With Lumify, healthcare workers can find, share, and buy the gear and resources they need to excel. We do this through Lumify’s line of products and super app, which unifies the brands, organizations, and resources that healthcare workers need and love. Lumify is a proud Osmosis Partner!

To start things off, can you provide a bit of information about your early life and education? 

Anthony: Hi there! My name’s Anthony and I’m the Co-Founder and CEO at Lumify. Before founding Lumify and starting my nursing career, I grew up as a professional actor performing on Broadway! I performed in two shows, “The Miracle Worker” and Disney’s “Mary Poppins the Musical,” both of which were seriously dreams come true. After my career on Broadway ended, I attended the University of Pennsylvania to study nursing and healthcare management. At Penn, I was a part of the Hillman Scholars Program in Nursing Innovation, which meant I was a dual BSN and PhD student, and participated in a dance group and student government. I am proud to be the first person in my family to graduate from college. During my third year of nursing school, I founded Lumify with Jennifferre and went full-time with Lumify after graduation. It’s been a crazy ride to say the least!

Jennifferre: Hey there! I am Jennifferre, Co-Founder & COO of Lumify. Before Lumify, I was a NICU nurse for almost 10 years. I grew up in the Central Valley of CA, attending public schools, and received my Associates Degree in Nursing from the local community college. After nursing school, I began working as a Registered Nurse and earned my BSN from the University of Texas Arlington. I was the first person in my family to ever graduate with a college degree, and I learned overtime that sometimes you have to be your own cheerleader and forge your own path.

What did you want to be when you were younger?

Anthony: Growing up, I wanted to be a performer on Broadway and an entrepreneur!

Jennifferre: I wanted to be a Doctor until I truly understood the role of a nurse.

What drew you to nursing? Design thinking?

Anthony: For me, the versatility of nursing drew me to the profession. Nursing is an extremely fulfilling career, as you are providing care to people in their most vulnerable times. The perspective you gain as a nurse is extremely valuable when leveraging design thinking for problem solving. I always was fascinated by how nurses get a front-row seat into the challenges that exist in healthcare, and therefore are equipped with the best perspective to create meaningful solutions. I knew my experience as a nurse would be unique and valuable when considering my future career goals of pursuing innovation and entrepreneurship. I’m so grateful that I chose to pursue nursing.

Jennifferre: Two of my biggest passions are helping people and fixing problems. Nursing allowed me to do both! As nurses, we are constantly trying to find work arounds that ensure our patients have the best care and experience. Nurses are truly the MacGyvers of healthcare, and that’s always excited me about the profession.

When did you decide to create Lumify? 

We decided to create Lumify during the COVID-19 pandemic because we felt frustrated by how healthcare workers lacked the tools and resources we needed to excel. We launched Lumify in January 2021 with our flagship product, the uNight Light, which is a wearable LED light device that helps healthcare workers illuminate their workspace with the goal of decreasing patient sleep disturbances. The uNight Light was quickly adopted by the healthcare community – in fact, we sold out of 5,000 units in just 2 weeks after our launch!

In August 2021, we launched our Lumify Hub, which was the first version of our one-stop-shop digital home for healthcare workers. We knew that now more than ever, unity in healthcare was needed to support healthcare workers. Today, we now have a mobile app, and over 50,000 healthcare workers a part of the Lumify ecosystem.

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What’s a typical “day in the life” for you as a student/nurse/entrepreneur?

Anthony: On a normal week, I typically wake up around 6:30 am, shower, pack my breakfast and lunch, and then start my 24 minute walk to Lumify’s office. On the way, I stop to grab coffee at Starbucks… and maybe a breakfast sandwich if I want to spoil myself. Once I get to work by 7:30 am, I spend the first hour of my day responding to emails and creating my to-do list. Then, Jennifferre and I have our daily touchdown starting at 8:45 am. After that, it’s meetings, talking to Lumify users, and building our product. I usually wrap up at work around 7 pm, where I’ll either head to dance class or walk home to make dinner. I love to end my day with something to calm my brain like watching TV or reading. I head to bed around 10:30 pm and then repeat the next day!

Jennifferre: My nursing brain typically wakes me up super early around 6 am! I start my day by responding to emails and texts, and then it’s time to get my kiddo ready for school! Once he’s off on the bus, I’ll login to my touchdown with Anthony and get the day started. My day is filled with putting out fires that arise when running a fast growing seed stage startup. I love to grab dinner with my family around 5 pm, read my kiddo a bedtime story, and then end my day doing more Lumify work! It definitely is a schedule that keeps me busy and on my toes.

What do you love about your current work?

Anthony: Healthcare workers deserve the best tools and resources, yet we severely lack what we need. What I love about founding Lumify is that we are supporting folks who care for others. Lumify is fighting to ensure that all healthcare workers have the gear and resources we need to excel at the bedside and beyond. I feel super fulfilled everyday to work towards expanding Lumify’s mission and supporting healthcare workers who have given us so much.

Jennifferre: As a nurse myself, I love being able to support other nurses and healthcare workers in pursuing their entrepreneurial ideas. Over half of Lumify’s partners are founded by healthcare workers. It’s exciting to be supporting healthcare workers with tools and resources created by other healthcare workers who truly understand the problems they’re solving.

What is your advice for future nursing students?

Anthony: Remember that you’re a natural innovator. Throughout nursing school, you will develop skills like problem-solving, communicating, empathizing, and prioritizing, all of which are foundational skills for innovation. As a nursing student, you’ll have the incredible opportunity to experience problems first-hand that need your fresh perspective to solve.

Jennifferre: This profession is such a privilege, you enter people’s lives during their happiest, saddest, and most vulnerable moments. It can be difficult but it’s so worth it. You can absolutely do this! Stay gritty, use your resources, and know that asking for help is always ok.

Can you tell our readers a fun fact about yourself?

Anthony: It’s super embarrassing, but my college acceptance reaction video went viral! Oh, and I was an Osmosis user while in nursing school! I used to print out Osmosis drawings and re-draw them myself to study. It was super helpful, as I am a visual learner.

Jennifferre: I’ve read 8 versions of Pride & Prejudice, will always karaoke to a Kelly Clarkson song, and love using post-it notes more than I should (they are everywhere in my office and I take them with me most of the time)!


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