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Dosage Calculation: Ziprasidone

Osmosis Team
Published on Feb 19, 2024. Updated on Feb 15, 2024.

Dosage calculation for Ziprasidone, an intramuscular medication, requires proper reconstitution. Learn the correct process and guidelines to ensure accurate administration.

A patient in the emergency department with a history of schizophrenia is experiencing acute agitation. The healthcare provider prescribes an intramuscular (IM) ziprasidone 10 mg once STAT.

Per manufacturer directions, the nurse preparing the medication obtains ziprasidone 20 mg powder and reconstitutes the medication with 1.2 mL of normal saline. How many mL should the nurse draw up to administer?  

Round to the nearest tenth. Use a leading zero if it applies. Don't use a trailing zero. Any rounding should be completed at the end of the calculation. The answer must be numeric only. Don't add any units of measurement.

Answer: 0.6 mL

dosage calculation for Ziprasidone

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