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Dosage Calculation: Nitroglycerin

Osmosis Team
Mar 4, 2024

Proper dosage calculation of nitroglycerin is crucial in the CVICU. Learn about the correct dosage calculation methods and the use of infusion pumps for safe administration.

The nurse in the cardiovascular intensive care unit (CVICU) is preparing to administer nitroglycerin 50 mg in 250 mL of D5W at a rate of 5 mcg/min to a patient diagnosed with unstable angina.

What rate in mL per hour should the nurse set on the infusion pump?

Round to the nearest tenth. Use a leading zero if it applies. Don't use a trailing zero. Any rounding should be completed at the end of the calculation. The answer must be numeric only. Don't add any units of measurement.

Answer: 1.5 mL/hr

dosage calculation for Nitroglycerin

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