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How to Survive the First Year at Medical School

You got into Medical school! Congratulations! You have worked hard to get here and hopefully can't wait to get started! However, after selection into medical school, a new stage of life begins—a

Oct 26, 2020 by Ather Iqbal


Reflecting on Medical School

Osmosis Medical Education Fellow, Alex Hurtado, reflects on his start to medical school hoping to provide support for incoming and current medical students. Can you share your path to medical sch

Oct 23, 2020 by Alex Hurtado

Tools for Productivity in Medical School and Beyond: Part 2

Last week on the blog we talked about productivity tools for creating and tracking projects, time management, and focusing. Today on Part 2 of the blog, Osmosis Medical Education Fellow Abe Baker shar

Oct 21, 2020 by Abe Baker

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Osmosis Raise the Line Podcast: October 2020 Update

Have you listened to Osmosis's Raise the Line podcast yet? Each week, Osmosis's Shiv Gaglani (co-founder and CEO) and Dr. Rishi Desai (Chief Medical Officer) participate in engaging conversa

Oct 20, 2020 by Osmosis Team

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Osmosis Recognized for Best Company Culture, Best Leadership, and Other Awards

At Osmosis we care deeply about our teammates and culture, which has allowed us to attract among the most talented, diverse, and caring people from around the world. Out of thousands of

Oct 19, 2020 by Osmosis Team


Your Guide to Becoming a Nursing Assistant

Navigating the medical field can be confusing—there are a variety of career options to consider, each with their own education and certification requirements. If you want to know how to become a

Oct 19, 2020 by Osmosis Team

Study Tips

Tools for Productivity in Medical School and Beyond: Part 1

Medical school is daunting, and life has a way of not making it easier with never-ending distractions -Social media, events, friends, and family. In today’s blog, Osmosis Medical Education Fello

Oct 16, 2020 by Abe Baker


The Ultimate Guide to Wellness in Your Health Professional Program

You’ve been dreaming of and working towards your career in the health professions for years—and yet your journey has just begun! Osmosis is here to guide you through the stormy first month

Oct 14, 2020 by Osmosis Team


Your Medical Residency Interview Questions, Answered

Can you believe you are almost there? Just an inch away from getting matched into your dream specialty! The light is shining at the end of the tunnel—but you are not there just yet. You have to

Oct 13, 2020 by Osmosis Team


Coping With Sudden Loss in Medical School

Adjusting to the rigors of medical school is a challenging process. Imagine having to face one of the most difficult hurdles of your life during that adjustment: the sudden loss of a parent. Today on

Oct 12, 2020 by Lois Sharpe