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Studying Smarter with Osmosis, the Best Videos for Medical School Review

Want to learn how to study smarter? Osmosis can be a great tool to help with studying more efficiently. Read Morgan’s testimonial below to see how you can study smarter for medical school with O

Jun 30, 2020 by Morgan Duce

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7 Tips on How to Study for USMLE® Step 1

Looking for tips on how to study for USMLE® Step 1? Osmosis Medical Education Fellow and medical student Yousif Hanna offers seven actionable steps you can take to tackle this momentous exam.The

Jun 29, 2020 by Yousif Hanna

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Tips for Making the Most of Your Summer Research Time

A summer dedicated to research seems like a luxury to some medical students: how would you take advantage of it? Today on the blog, Osmosis Medical Education Fellow Jenny Nguyen shares her tips for ma

Jun 27, 2020 by Jenny Nguyen

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Osmosis Team Spotlight: Dr. Maddison Caterine, Director of Curriculum

It’s been a while since we spotlighted one of our Osmosis teammates! Today, we’re introducing you to Dr. Maddison Caterine, who you may have met last summer when she was hosting our “

Jun 26, 2020 by Osmosis Team

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OMEF Spotlight: Meet Osmosis Medical Education Fellow Jennifer Chinchilla Meza

Applications for the 2020-2021 Osmosis Medical Education Fellowship program are now open! The Osmosis Medical Education Fellow (OMEF) program is an application-only facet for our student advocates who

Jun 25, 2020 by Julie Ngo


How to Flip a Class, Course, or Curriculum

Simply put, a flipped classroom operates by assigning lectures and didactic learning as independent study. In-class time is then used for collaborative group work, or to review and flesh out the subje

Jun 24, 2020 by Osmosis Team


The Importance of Staying Hydrated

In honor of Hydration Day, Osmosis Health Coach Ishan Dahal invites you to learn more about the benefits of drinking water and the consequences of dehydration with some peer-reviewed research. Having

Jun 23, 2020 by Osmosis Team

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Do Brain Teaser Puzzles Really Give Your Mind a Workout?

Ever wondered whether brain teasing puzzles actually help your brain itself? The Osmosis team wondered that too! To accompany the fun puzzles we’ve been sharing this month, we decided to ex

Jun 22, 2020 by Amin Azzam


Accommodating Individuals with Dual Sensory Loss of both Vision and Hearing: Deafblindness

This week is Helen Keller Deafblind Awareness week. In honor of that, we are sharing advice for clinicians on how to best interact with and care for their patients who have dual sensory loss of vision

Jun 21, 2020 by Dr. Sarah Elizabeth Moreman

Study Tips

Six Ways to Stay Productive During Summer Break

It’s tough to slow down during school breaks after being immersed in the fast-paced environment of the med school semester. If you’re like second-year medical student Jannel Lawrence, you&

Jun 20, 2020 by Jannel Lawrence