How to Gain Administrator and Faculty Support for Flipped Classrooms

The flipped classroom has become common in health education programs across the United States. As an administrator, course director, or faculty member in a program that hasn’t yet implemented it

Jun 8, 2020 by Osmosis Team

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How Osmosis Scholarship Winner Grace Benmhend "Starts With the Heart"

Applications for the Osmosis Health Education Impact Scholarship open tomorrow, June 8, 2020! If you’re thinking of applying, we recommend reading this interview with one of last year’s wi

Jun 7, 2020 by Osmosis Team

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How Osmosis Scholarship Winner Viktoriya Kislyak "Reaches Further"

Applications for the 2020 Osmosis Health Education Impact Scholarship are now open! Today we’re featuring an interview with Viktoriya Kislyak, a winner from the inaugural round of scholarship ap

Jun 6, 2020 by Osmosis Team

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My Experience in the Osmosis Medical Education Fellowship Program

Applications for the 2020 OMEF Program are now open! Each year, Osmosis invites learners from our community to join the Osmosis Medical Education Fellowship (OMEF) program. Participants have an incred

Jun 5, 2020 by Ashley Kennon

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All Your USMLE® Step 1 Questions Answered: The Osmosis Ultimate Guide

No doubt that since you got into medical school, or even before you started medical school, you’ve heard how important the USMLE Step 1 Exam is. This is the first board exam you’ll be taki

Jun 4, 2020 by Osmosis Team


The Approach Formula: Accommodating Patients with Disabilities on the Spot

In response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, an ideal on-the-spot approach in accommodating patients with disabilities is being shared. All-inclusive communications strategies can be used right now

Jun 3, 2020 by Dr. Sarah Elizabeth Moreman

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How Osmosis Scholarship Winner Nat Jones "Imagines More"

The Osmosis Health Education Impact Scholarship is back, with applications open until August 17, 2020. Today, we're sharing an interview with one of our prize winners, Nat Jones, a second-year medical

Jun 2, 2020 by Osmosis Team

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Work Smart, Not Hard: How Osmosis Takes the Stress Out of Medical School

Self-directed learning is gaining traction among medical students, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s important to be strategic about how much information you’re consuming

Jun 1, 2020 by Michael Owen

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The Do’s and Dont's of Summer Studying

Preparing for the exams is one of the most stressful times in the life of a med student, and taking advantage of the summer break can make all the difference. In this article, first-year medical stude

Jun 1, 2020 by Doris Gasangwa


A School Counselor's Perspective on Mental Health in Medical School

Today, we're featuring medical student Haniya Sahi's interview with Brenda Roach, MBPsS, counselling psychologist at the American University of Integrative Sciences School of Medicine in Barbados. Dur

May 30, 2020 by Haniya Sahi