Care for Caregivers

At Osmosis, we firmly believe that clinicians who practice self-care are in the best position to care for their own patients.

Why We Should Care for our Caregivers

Check out this excerpt from the Forbes article written by Osmosis CEO and cofounder, Shiv Gaglani.

“Fortunately, during my descent I stumbled across an influential study that was done just across the street, at the Bloomberg School of Public Health, that showed that clinicians who practiced healthy lifestyle behaviors were more likely to counsel their patients to do the same. This realization that my personal health would affect the health of my future patients had a profound influence on me and provided me the motivation I needed to reverse course.”

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In a recent survey of over 600 users, Osmosis found that 93.9% of students admit to stress having a negative impact on their education in some way, but only 34% have sought professional help for stress management. This newly launched initiative aims to make mental health care more accessible to medical students, kickstarting their careers with wellbeing at the forefront.

Survey results also show that:
said their current mental health condition was worse than when they started medical school.
prioritized studying over sleep.
get stressed out by the thought of studying.
Headspace partnership

To help health professionals care for themselves, we’ve partnered with Headspace to help them manage stress in a sustainable way. Osmosis members will receive special pricing on their membership with Headspace.

Make the Patient Promise

Like so many current and future health professionals, make the resolve to practice healthy lifestyle behaviors such as consuming a balanced diet, making time for physical activity, avoiding harmful substances, and taking care of your mental health, not only for your own sake, but for that of your patients.

Join the movement and complete the Patient Promise pledge.

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