Thank you for taking the pledge! 

Thank you for taking the pledge to #RaisethLine and #FlattentheCurve! We are extremely pleased to see so many people demonstrating their commitment to public health. Osmosis has given away over 5,000 years of Osmosis Prime. We continue to encourage you to follow these tips and utilize our COVID-19 resources. Osmosis has your back—be well!

Additional tips to help you Raise The Line and Flatten The Curve

  • Avoid crowded public spaces and work from home if possible

  • Limit social gatherings, and encourage your network to do the same

  • Take the COVID-19 course

  • Educate your friends and family about how to treat their pre-existing conditions at home to reduce the likelihood of needing hospital care

  • If you’re a medical or health professional student, think of ways you can support faculty or healthcare worker friends who have been pulled to the frontlines (i.e. babysitting, walk their dog, grocery shopping)

  • Get informed about telemedicine

  • Train yourself on proper use of personal protective equipment (e.g. N95 masks) by watching our video

  • Continue your medical education by learning online

Explore our COVID-19 Resources

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