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Dr. Keith Smith: Dean of Purdue University Global School of Health Sciences (Raise the Line)



Raise the Line podcast

Education and workforce development

Interviews with experts on how to Raise the Line
Jeff Maggioncalda: CEO of Coursera (Raise the Line)
Chip Paucek: Co-founder and CEO of 2U, Inc. (Raise the Line)
Van Ton-Quinlivan: CEO of Futuro Health (Raise the Line)
Kathy Boden Holland: Group President, Adtalem Global Education (Raise the Line)
Salman Khan: Founder & CEO of Khan Academy (Raise the Line)
Dr. George Daley: Dean of Harvard Medical School (Raise the Line)
Dr. Mark Schuster: Dean & CEO, Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson S.O.M. (Raise the Line)
Dr. Roger Seheult: Co-Founder of MedCram (Raise the Line)
Adele Webb: Executive Dean of Healthcare Initiatives at Strategic Education, Inc. (Raise the Line)
Donna Meyer: CEO of the Organization for Associate Degree Nursing (Raise the Line)
Anant Agarwal: Senior VP University Planning & Strategic Initiatives (Raise the Line)
Mary Jo Bondy: CEO of the Physician Assistant Education Association (Raise the Line)
Dr. David Skorton: President & CEO of the AAMC (Raise the Line)
Dr. Lawrence Chin: Dean of the College of Medicine at SUNY Upstate Med U (Raise the Line)
Dr. Kathy Winston: Dean of College of Nursing University of Phoenix (Raise the Line)
Burck Smith: Founder & CEO of StraighterLine (Raise the Line)
Dr. Keith Smith: Dean of Purdue University Global School of Health Sciences (Raise the Line)
Dr. Steven Scheinman: President & Dean of Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine (Raise the Line)
Chuck Cairns: Dean & Sr VP of Medical Affairs, Drexel College of Med. (Raise the Line)
Scott Shaw: CEO of Lincoln Tech (Raise the Line)
Dr. Peter Buckley: Dean, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine (Raise the Line)
Dr. Rich & Dr. Smith-Coppes: Rasmussen University Nursing Program (Raise the Line)
Dr. Jay Feldstein & Dean Miller: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (Raise the Line)