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Imperforate anus

Summary of Imperforate anus
An imperforate anus are birth defects in which the rectum is malformed and the opening to the anus is missing or blocked. The cause is unknown; the genetic basis of these anomalies is very complex because of their anatomical variability. 



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Imperforate anus


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Imperforate anus

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A 26-year-old woman comes to the labor and delivery unit to deliver a child. The boy is delivered vaginally at full term without complications. Within the 24 hours of birth, the boy has failed to pass meconium. Physical examination shows an anal dimple in place of the opening in the perineum. Abdominal exam shows abdominal distention with dull bowel sounds. Cardiac examination shows a holosystolic murmur. Which of the following additional defects is most likely found in this patient?

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