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Krukenberg tumor



Krukenberg tumor


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Krukenberg tumor

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A 57-year-old woman comes to the clinic due to worsening fatigue and abdominal distention over the past 2 months. The patient has felt increasing fatigue, early satiety, and has lost 4.5 kg (10 lbs) without changes in diet. Medical history is notable for diabetes mellitus type 2 managed with metformin. The patient’s last Pap smear 6 months ago was normal. Vitals are within normal limits. On physical examination, bilateral adnexal masses are palpated. The vaginal exam shows no abnormalities. Abdominal examination shows distention and shifting dullness. Hemoglobin level is 9 g/dL. Histological analysis of the masses would most likely reveal which of the following?

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A Krukenberg tumor is a metastatic ovarian malignant tumor, which usually originates from the gastrointestinal tract. Other primary sites of this tumor include breast cancer and endometrial cancer. Symptoms include abdominal and pelvic pain, bloating, ascites, and vaginal bleeding. Diagnosis is made through imaging studies such as ultrasound and CT scan.


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