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N95 mask fitting


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This video covers how to apply an N95 mask.

Normally, you’d do everything on this list, but to keep things concise this video will focus on the steps in blue and will also include a summary.

Hold the N95 mask in the palm of your hand.

Check the mask to ensure it is in good condition.

To apply it, point its nose up and let its elastics dangle towards the floor.

Place the mask on your face, pull the bottom strap around your head, rest it below your ears. Top strap goes on the crown of your head.

Remember, this order is important. Bottom strap always first.

Mold the nose piece to fit your nose. Remember, comfort is important too. Less so, however.

Check for a good seal.

Place hands in front of the mask and inhale quickly. Expect the mask to tighten around your face as you do.