Paget disease of the breast



Paget disease of the breast

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Paget disease of the breast


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Paget disease of the breast

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A 50-year-old woman comes to the clinic following an abnormal mammogram showing calcifications in the right breast. Medical history is remarkable for type 2 diabetes mellitus managed with metformin. She does not smoke or use alcohol excessively, and she has not experienced weight loss, fever, or trauma. She is referred for a biopsy, which confirms the diagnosis of benign fat necrosis. However, during the biopsy, another area suspected of malignancy is found. The results of the biopsy of this additional are are shown below:  

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This type of cancer is associated with which of the following?  

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Paget disease of the breast (PDB) is a rare, malignant, and noninvasive variant of breast cancer, which results from underlying ductal carcinoma in situ or invasive breast cancer. Symptoms of Paget disease of the breast include unilateral redness and flakiness of the skin on the nipple and areola. There may also be itching, burning, swelling, breast tenderness, and nipple discharges. Treatment may involve surgery to remove the cancerous tissue and radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy to kill any remaining cancer cells.


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