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Sprained ankle

Summary of Sprained ankle
A sprained ankle is a common medical condition where one or more of the ligaments of the ankle is torn or partially torn. Ankle sprains occur usually through excessive stress on the ligaments of the ankle. This can be caused by excessive external rotation, inversion or eversion of the foot caused by an external force.




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Sprained ankle


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Sprained ankle

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A 42-year-old Caucasian woman comes to the emergency department because of a painful right ankle for 2 hours. She states that she was walking fast in high heels when she tripped on a defect in the sidewalk and inverted her right ankle. She is diagnosed with a sprained ankle and prepared for discharge. On the way out, you notice some lesions on her back which appear similar to those in the exhibit. She denies any past medical history, the lesions do not itch, and she denies any domestic abuse. The lesions are circular, macular, and nontender. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis?

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