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Tympanic membrane perforation

Summary of Tympanic membrane perforation
A perforated or punctured eardrum is a rupture or perforation of the eardrum which can occur as a result of otitis media, trauma (e.g. by trying to clean the ear with sharp instruments), explosion, loud noise or surgery (accidental creation of a rupture). Flying with a severe cold can also cause perforation due to changes in air pressure and blocked eustachian tubes resulting from the cold.



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Tympanic membrane perforation


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Tympanic membrane perforation

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 A 13-year-old male comes to the ambulatory care center for right ear pain and muffled hearing. He dove from the high dive yesterday and turned his head before hitting the water causing a loud crashing sound and a sharp pain in his ear. Since then he has had mild ringing in the ear, decreased hearing and pain. He woke up with some blood on his pillow prompting his mother to bring him to the office. Otoscopic examination confirms a tympanic membrane perforation. Which of the following would be expected on physical examination assuming he has hearing loss due to the observed perforation?  

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