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Your Osmosis membership includes:

Retention & Understanding

  • Thousands of concise, visually-engaging videos help create memory anchors
  • Practice questions and assessment items strengthen your comprehension of the material
  • High-Yield Notes with quick, printable summaries provide a concise overview of key points


  • Study on–the go with the Osmosis mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Create custom playlists of videos, notes, flashcards and share with your classmates
  • Can timestamp and annotate videos
  • Enable captions/subtitles along with adjustable playback speed

Plus More Benefits

  • Get round-the-clock customer support
  • Explore Core Competencies like professionalism, interpersonal and communication skills in addition to Featured Series like learning science and self-care

Quickly grasp concepts and retain more with unique study tools that help you think clinically, excel in your classes, and dominate your exams.

Study confidently with our expert-reviewed content. Osmosis provides you with the right tools to help you retain, understand, and study more efficiently throughout your pharmacy program. Excel in your classes and be better prepared for clinicals when you learn by Osmosis.

Osmosis’s all-in-one video library empowers you to visualize key information effectively

Thousands of fun, short, easy-to-digest Basic Sciences videos condense long lectures and complex medical, pathology, physiology, and pharmacology concepts into a simple and visually-engaging format.

Make the most of your time with our top-rated mobile app

  • View Osmosis videos anytime, anywhere with aligned questions, flashcards, and study notes 
  • Create playlists, download content for offline use, purchase and manage your subscription, and more in the app

Questions that ensure you understand key concepts

Test your knowledge and feel more confident with board-style questions

  • Thousands of rigorously reviewed practice questions 
  • Includes detailed answer explanations written and reviewed by health professionals

High-Yield Notes so you can focus on the important stuff

Summarizes pathology, physiology, and pharmacology details, saving you time and stress

  • Thousands of beautifully-illustrated, printed notes with full-color images and tables
  • Separated into pathology, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment

Test your knowledge with flashcards powered by spaced repetition

Spaced Repetition presents specific flashcards at key intervals so you can quiz yourself for maximum retention.


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