General information

Hay River, Canada

Daniel Archibald, PharmD

Osmosis Faculty Reviewer

Dr. Daniel Archibald (PharmD) is a pharmacist who graduated from the University of Waterloo in 2018. Prior to pharmacy, Daniel completed 4 years of an honour’s biochemistry degree at the University of Ottawa from 2010- 2014. CO-OP in both of these programs allowed Daniel to experience a wide range of work environments including placements in Health Canada, hospitals, and community and corporate pharmacies across Ontario. In an attempt to maintain personal well-being and improve his capacity to serve others as a pharmacist, Daniel completed the Dale Carnegie 8-week course on Effective Communications and Human Relations in 2013; a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program in 2016; and a 10-day silent Vipassana meditation retreat in 2019. He used these skills to lead guided meditations for pharmacy school classmates and co-workers during placements. After graduation, he travelled to India to gain deeper understanding of Eastern spiritual and meditative practices and also completed a 1 month 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course to become a certified yoga instructor. He currently works with Shoppers Drug Mart as a community staff pharmacist. Ultimately, Daniel’s hope to find creative ways to combine his pharmaceutical knowledge with Eastern practices to share their value to patients and professionals alike led him to join the Osmosis team as a Faculty Reviewer in 2019. Daniel specifically focuses on pharmacology topics to ensure the material is clear and accurate. Finding ways to make learning for students easier (so they can find more balance during their studies) and more effective (so they can excel in their professional roles) is an opportunity in which Daniel feels privileged to take part. Daniel is a strong believer that healthcare begins with what we do and think on a moment-to-moment basis: for both the patient and the provider. In order to live in a healthier world, we must learn to live a healthier life ourselves. That begins with education on building compassion, awareness, and attention and how they can be applied to our lifestyle both in daily life and in our professions.