General information

Nimmit Vyas, PharmD

Osmosis Faculty Reviewer

After completing high school, Nimmit Vyas (PharmD) went to University of Toronto where he graduated with Honors Specialist Degree in Microbiology. He also completed a diploma in Biotechnology from Centennial College at the same time. During her time at U of T, he worked on preparing a lab manual for the 3rd year advanced organic chemistry course. After that, he went to University of Waterloo for pharmacy school and graduated in 2018 with PharmD. During his last rotations at pharmacy school, he did a placement at St. Catherine's Hospital ICU and a palliative care ward, which helped him understand both the community and hospital side of the pharmacy model in Canada. After graduation, he worked for Rexall community pharmacy for six months and then opened a community pharmacy in Cambridge. Nimmit Vyas is an Osmosis Faculty Reviewer and is helping to revise the pharmacology videos and prepare accompanying pharmacology notes. As far as hobbies go, Nimmit likes travelling, skiing, and swimming.