General information

Indianapolis, IN

Royce Rajan, MD, MBA

Medical Writer at Osmosis

Dr. Royce Rajan (MD, MBA) is a physician with an MBA in multi-sector healthcare management. He attended medical school at St. George’s University where he participated in their Global Scholars Program. After graduating medical school in 2015, he became interested in the corporate aspects of the healthcare industry which led him to pursue an MBA. In 2017, Dr. Rajan began working at a healthcare market research firm where he executed global market research studies to help pharma clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and Novartis obtain and analyze data regarding how their products were performing in the marketplace. He currently works in the pharma industry at Eli Lilly and Company where he manages the business operations of clinical trial sites. His main focus is on oncology, but he also works across other therapeutic areas including diabetes and biomedicines. At Osmosis, Dr. Rajan has been working as a Script Writer since 2017. During this time, he has written approximately 30 or so scripts ranging from basic anatomy to various disease states and pharmacology. Reading, drawing, and tending to his ever-growing houseplant collection are some of the ways he spends his time outside of the medical field.



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