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Why the world needs Frontline Healthcare Workers

In addition to helping to #FlattenTheCurve by practicing social distancing and other measures, we can also #RaiseTheLine by training more certified nurse assistants, nursing aides, home health aides, and other healthcare professionals. 

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What is a Frontline Healthcare Worker?

Certified nursing assistants are frontline healthcare workers that help patients with activities involved in daily living as well as other healthcare needs, under the supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN).

Becoming a certified nursing assistant will not only help Raise the Line and help fight COVID-19, but it will also provide...

  • Career stability
  • Higher salary
  • A deep sense of purpose

Learn essential skills

Osmosis will teach you essential skills to be a frontline healthcare worker, including:

  • Taking a patient's vital signs
  • Keeping yourself safe through personal protective equipment like N95 masks
  • Observing and reporting changes in a patient’s condition to clinical supervisors
  • Helping patients with personal care tasks like eating and dressing