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"The videos are great! They really help me get a solid overview of a topic so that I can jump right in and fill in more of the story."

Jonathan Fogel

"The bite-sized learning that occurs with Osmosis was one of my favorite parts of my Step 1 preparation. I could rely on Osmosis to curate content for me, so that when I opened up the app I was ensured that I was learning something relevant. I also liked the feedback solicited by Osmosis after each question, rating its' effectiveness. This gave me the sense that Osmosis was personalizing my learning, and making constant improvement a priority. The mobile focus was also key, as Osmosis automatically became one of my go-to resources when I knew I'd be out and about, and wanted to make the most of the few minutes of downtime I'd have. With just a few taps I'd have a quiz ready for me, with embedded content links if I wanted or had the time to learn more!"

Rahul Raghu

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