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"After beginning to use Osmosis to study for class exams, my grades went from average to above average in almost every subject! It is better than other resources because of the ability to view powerpoints within the website and create custom flashcards. "

Megan Kummerlowe

"Osmosis is significantly better than any other study platform I've used or have seen other people use! The lecture preview feature, with videos that explain course concepts and questions to solidify my understanding of the material, is my favorite! Osmosis gave me a way to not only keep up with current medical school information, but also to remember previously learned information."

Zachary Brooks

"Osmosis really helps me visualize the pathophysiology of diseases. I like that you can simply upload lectures and Osmosis pulls relevant information from its database."

Fatima Cheema

"Osmosis has been a great study tool for me. I like that there are explanations to the questions with rationales for the correct and incorrect answers. Also, many of the questions are formatted close to the questions on the boards and contain relevant information that students need to know!"

Tom Soker

"Although I started early, I wish I would've known about Osmosis prior to starting medical school. I really like the flashcard feature along with its pulling of Picmonic and Sketchy references to topics we are covering in class. Osmosis has helped me retain information so far throughout the year."

Wes Carter

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