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"Osmosis streamlines my studying and allows me to study incredibly thorough with the use of flashcards for lecture slides. Combining my flashcards and my classmates' flashcards on Osmosis, it lets us see things from another angle. What I love most about Osmosis is whenever I use the flashcards to review topics and I completely blank on a subject, I don't have to waste any time searching through my notes. I just click on the slide and I can instantly see what the lecturer said about it and what I felt was important. When a subject requires integration of concepts and you need a refresher, Osmosis really comes through. I wrote flashcards in Anki, but when subjects required large amounts of integration, I found myself having to go into my notes every other flash card. It became crazy time consuming. I'm willing to study hard to do well, but I realized using Anki was inefficient so I switched to Osmosis, and it definitely seems to be saving me time. In addition, my flashcards on Anki had no pictures because it takes forever to integrate them. With Osmosis, my flashcard will show me the slide when I'm done, which helps me with retention. After the muscle block became impossible using Anki, I started using Osmosis for my GI block of physiology. I only got a few wrong on the muscle portion of my test, but I had too many concepts that were too closely related and often times, I went back into my notes and had to remind myself a lot of what I previously learned. But after using Osmosis for the GI block, I studied less and aced my test, even though most of my classmates and I considered that to be a harder test!. Clearly, it built a better foundation for me to reason my way through the test questions, especially because it lets me to look at the slides as I study."

Andrew Ridinger

"The Anki flashcards I used before were good, but lacked any context. Osmosis uses spaced repetition and provides context by referencing slides and linking to Wikipedia, Picmonic, YouTube, and FirstAid. It makes a huge difference! Osmosis provides concepts and memory tools instead of hammering in facts by seeing them every 10 minutes like in Anki. Osmosis is my one-stop study tool that provides flashcards, Q banks, notes, slide decks, a calendar, collaboration, and more!"

Brian Elliott

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